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I'd argue their "punch all nazis" rhetoric never left.

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I'd argue their "punch all nazis" rhetoric never left.

The Ukraine Nazis created a lot of cognitive dissonance in this concept.

Dress up on Ukrainian colors, and short+circuit their mental programming.

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Of course the resident shills nasser and radicalcentrist hang out in publicfreakout on reddit. That sub is well known as a hotbed for Jewish shill activity and incitement. Thanks for the lame attempt at a demoralization/intimidation post ari, as if anyone here would take what's said on Jewish owned reddit seriously. It's all tightly controlled and mostly scripted astroturfing.

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How they haven't been banned is beyond me. I'm almost positive them constantly shitting up this already dying sub without consequence is why we've lost some of our best posters.

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I don’t get the mods. Self professed fascists yet they permit jew shills to clown on their sub? Something doesnt add up. These “fascists” are more permissive than any shitlibs. What kind of a fascist doesn't have the balls to ban possible antifa trolls.

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We don't fear opposing points of view. If these trolls are the best the opposition has to offer, so be it.

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Fair enough. The problem is that many people don't immediately know that they are shills. They aren't openly giving an opposing point of view or debating, they are subversively pretending to be something they aren't while concern troll posting, giving a distorted perception of our actual views, and trying to demoralize, gas light, and conduct opposition research. That's clearly not good faith debate, and at times 1/3 of the posts people see when they come here are their embarrassing shitposts.

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I have always been thankful for the work the mods put into DAR, and I'm not questioning any decisions made about the sub's shills. I stand by my point though, I think a lot of the veteran posters have grown disinterested with the sub due to the low quality discourse. We literally have a guide to detecting shills on the sidebar, because there used to be a time when DAR didn't tolerate concern trolls and shills.

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There's a difference between saying that people lost interest in the sub because of low quality discourse and saying they lost interest in the sub because of shills. The real reason people lost interest in coming here is because of the decline in both discourse and reach since the Reddit days, but that doesn't really have anything to do with shills.

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You understand the shills are the primary drivers of low quality discourse right? By low quality we're talking about disingenuous posts like radicalcentrists latest shitpost where he rambles about how "the government" should make "low birth rates" a crime, or something. It's been a steady stream of retard tier nonsense and concern trolling from the same bad faith actors.

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At least they're making posts. If the low quality posts were drowning out good ones in a sea of white noise, it would be a different issue, but as things are right now I really do not see the problem.

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Saiditkang prefers a forum where no one posts at all, since he has never created content.

Both him and Nordmannen are idiots anyway. They only show up 6 months and then disappear. They're probably the same account too, now that I think about it...

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Do you remember when radicalcentrist first came here? He was a shitlib (and still is) who would intentionally misunderstand people to deboonk whatever their argument was, then one day he started spamming WN positions like he's one of us. When I'm referring to low quality discourse, I'm referring to the subversives. No doubt the lack of reach compared to reddit has a role to play, if this sub had more reach I guarantee the shills would be long gone.

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When has this sub had any high quality content on Saidit? All content here is low effort, and consequently also low quality. Occasionally, there are good posts. I don't think that shills could possibly reduce the quality of the discourse here because it is already pretty low in the first place and also because it is infrequent. Currently, the benefit of this place is that it presents new information and has a number of insightful posters that can comment on it. There isn't any discourse occurring, and if we actually brought up some topic worthy of discourse - because there are just a handful of posters here - it is unlikely that we will find more than two or three people at most who agree on any given thing. Off the top of my mind, my last more serious conversation here was on natural law and it involved just me and two other posters, and if I recall correctly each of us had his own different views.

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Good faith actors disagreeing is supposed to be what DAR is about. This sub has never been a hive mind, even among dissident right posters. I agree that content here is a far cry from reddit, but I don't think this sub's fall from grace means we should be tolerant of shilling. I don't want to fight with you NeoRail, I like your perspectives and you are one of the few reasons I come back here when I have free time. But I also liked the perspectives of many of our posters who followed DAR to saidit, but then grew disinterested and left. Doesn't it bother you that this sub is gradually losing the sluggers who made it great in the past, and in their place we get dishonest shitposts and concern trolls?

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I don't consider this an argument at all, I am just expressing my opinion that the reason this sub is in a bad state is not due to radicalcentrist or any of the other posters. The real problem is different and if you want to solve it you will have to look for the solution elsewhere. That's my point.

I am indeed quite disappointed that this sub has been declining in quality, but then again this is something that has been ongoing since the 2017 quarantine back on Reddit, five years ago, if I recall correctly. I was actively looking for intelligent people back then and I found a lot of fascinating posters both within DAR and outside it - I lost contact with the bulk of these people due to the Reddit purges. The real problem isn't radicalcentrist - it is deplatforming. The fact is that there's not much purpose in a debate forum if there's a shortage of debaters, and especially debaters with significant ideological differences. This is the real reason why the community is declining. A community of this size is no good for debating - small communities are much better suited for advanced theoretical discussion, but the perspectives of the posters here are far too different to have something like that, since we would not even be able to agree on the most basic premises like materialism vs antimaterialism. Consequently, the current sub has the following advantages:

  • It is a good place to get news, information and commentary.

  • There are a number of intelligent posters with specialised knowledge, such as for example - to list just a few - Ethnocrat with his knowledge of Veblen, economics, environmentalism, Caspar with his geopolitical knowledge, and Mark with his understanding of effective political principles and praxis. These are not people you can find just anywhere. There were others on Reddit as well, like Stennes with his ARPLAN project, who does really impressive research, and I could name many others like him still, whom I am no longer in contact with.

  • There's also a valuable potential advantage. If one day an opportunity opens up on some social media platform for a community of people with varied knowledge to have open discussion, the community could migrate there and experience a renaissance of sorts. I think that this is an idea worth exploring in the future, and alongside with the previous point I brought up, is the real source of value for this sub. Most of the discussion here is hardly worth anything, but there are many insightful posters here whose intelligence is certainly valuable.

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Infrequent content is far better than garbage content. If someone happens upon this sub it's much better for them to see a bunch of genuine and useful posts that are a week or two old than a bunch of recent subversive gaslighting garbage from radicalcentrist and salos. If I had happened upon this sub for the first time and I saw a bunch of these shitposts I would conclude that the alt right are cringey morons and would move on, which is possibly their goal.

Could you also explain why socks was banned but radicalcentrist isnt? Socks never misrepresented himself. He was simply an ineffective shitlib that spewed the usual talking points. What radicalcentrist does is a hundred times worse and is clearly a breach of the stated rules of the sub. The mods are losing credibility and raising suspicion at the very least by his continued unwanted prescence.

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Honestly, given your melodramatic tone, in my eyes you seem like way more of a schizo than radicalcentrist.

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What have I done exactly? I barely post anything on here. Why don't you put any fucking effort into posting on this sub if radicalcentrists posts bother you so much?

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He's lazy and just prefers to ride the coat tails of other people.

His most recent posts are from months ago.

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No I've blocked that subreddit I know what it's all about. I disagree that debate is impossible on reddit, only hardcore shitlib subs like politics,public freakout, twoxchromosomes, etc are like what you describe.

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To be fair, they’re always ready to punch a Nazi but they are just worried they’ll hurt their hands or get arrested or catch Covid or something.

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Funny, I would be widely considered a Nazi by these peoples totally misguided and retarded misinterpretation of the word, yet I never get punched. Be about it.

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I notice that a big motivation for this is because they claim we are bad faith debaters.