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The funny thing is the cost of living is being blamed on Russia (via the war in the Ukraine) by politicians but that's not even true.

The cost of gas, oil and food was going up long before that due to covid and corporate handouts.

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Exactly. Peak oil was probably in November 2022. We're technically not running out of oil, but we are running out of cheap and easy extractable oil that has underpinned economic growth for over a century.

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And that's by design. A lot of countries have purposely be investing less in drilling for oil or stopping new sites being drilled.

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Yes and no. The cheap and easy extractable oil really is running out.

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They've been saying that for 100 years now

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No they haven't.

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There is a meme with it and I'll share it with you when I stumble upon it.

Every decade they say "oil is running out"

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This is bullshit. Hubbert himself said the US would reach peak oil by the 1970s, which happened. The shale bubble has revived American oil production, but it's a bubble nonetheless. It's ERoEI is too low and it's been propped up by massive amounts of debt. Hubbert also said that the world would reach peak oil by the 2000s, which, again, happened:

It's one of the reasons why the financial crisis of 2007–2008 happened. That crisis was partly sparked by an oil shock. The shale bubble pushed this date up by about a decade. Global peak oil now probably happened in November 2018.

By the way, Hubbert's predictions were about conventional oil. Shale oil is unconventional oil. So, technically Hubbert was spot-on.

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I saw your other post and I find your knowledge on this subject very interesting. Thank you. If you have time, it would be nice if you could make more articles/posts about this subject in the future too. I liked your earlier post about renewables too

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Thanks, and yes, I'll make future posts about this.

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One of the reasons it is running out is under investment.

Look at Venezuela, the socialist government took all the money out of the oil industry and failed to invest. Now half of their sites aren't usable and probably never will be again but there is still plenty of oil in them.

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that's not even true.

Russian genocide of Ukrainians and associated cost of living problems definitly made matters worse, a lot worse

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Russian genocide of Ukrainians

There's no such thing.

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Committed by Jews.

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    Thanks. I've heard of them, but know that they acted within their command groups. Thus it seems that they would not deserve full credit - even if they were certainly guilty - for Holodomor. If there is evidence to the contrary (that these 2 could deserve full credit for Holodomor) - I would welcome the information.

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      You didn't even know what the Holodomor was before the 'invasion', inbred. Now you act like some professor of Ukrainian history or something.

      Bend over and try to suck your own three-inch wonder again, unintelligent subhuman scum. You might be able to fit the tip of it in your mouth after a few hours more practice, wee lil' untermensch.

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      LOL - and like the KKK's white sheets, your alt account helps you hide behind your embarrassing defensiveness and weakness. You personify the cowards who lynched civilians in the US a few years ago, as well as the cowards currently slaughtering civilians in Ukraine. May cowards like you get what you deserve.

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      Don't let him go off on a tangent. We are talking about inflation not genocide.

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      I had hoped my note was obvious, but here's more info:

      1st: anyone can manipulate stats and that Jamie Jenkins chart seems to be manipulated

      2nd: I don't agree with the 24/7 politican arguments that 1) Russian natural gas prices are the main reason for all other high prices, especially when big energy and big services companies are making 10s of billions in profits while price gouging, and 2) when the UK is much worse off than other countries for inflation and the recession due to Brexit

      3rd: I can quickly find graphs here, here, and here that show a slight rise in natural gas prices that is dwarfed by the rises in prices after 24 February

      4th: my point is that the invasion made matters worse (whilst countries see higher gas prices, while they send munitions and money to Ukraine, while they take in Ukrainian refugees, while they pay higher food prices because &c)

      5th: Tiny uncorroborated tweets are not reliable as news resources

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      Can the mods please ban this swanigger faggot?

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      These are anti-austerity protests, including many who are on strike. Inflation and recession in these countries are the main concerns, not Ukraine or NATO. None of the protests are addresssing NATO, Ukraine or vaccines, regardless of RASK0LNlK0V's Russian fascist propaganda.

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      Dude, what sub do you think you're on? We're in favor of fascism. Go back to whatever kike-infested sub you came from you utter cretin.

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      You seem ungrateful. When someone helps you with the facts, thank them for helping you. Doesn't matter if I'm Hitler or the Dalai Lama. If you're paying attention, you can use my advice in order to avoid embarrassing yourself in the future. No one at DAR will be there when you are trying to interract with normal people.

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      Why should I trust 'redfish @redfishstream Russia state-affiliated media'? Why should I trust one tiny video on Twitter, sponsored by a state that is perhaps the most dishonest in history?

      The anti-austerity protest in Rome had a couple thousand people (NOT 10k) and was peaceful (NO flag burning). Ukraine and NATO were not on the signs, nor were they important parts of the purpose of the protest.

      Search: proteste a roma


      Don't support Russia's genocide and destruction of Ukraine.

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      You're literally a shitlib who calls the GOP "Nazis". GTFO!

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      Yes, we know you're not likely to understand the most basic socio-economic concepts. Go on, have a look at the news about anti-austerity protests.