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Standard fare at this point.

Black guy raps about hating White and assaulting them, then runs 60 of them over with his car: no hate crime

White guy asks an Asian if he's Kim Jong Un's boyfriend: immediate hate crime

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Merrick Garfinkel is too busy tracking down White Supremacists, like he did after the Oklahoma City false flag. The guy is evil but prolific.

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    Also, if you're going to get mad at a minority group, East Asians are objectively the worst choice.

    Tell me you’re not in an area where whites compete with Asians without telling me you’re not in an area where whites compete with Asians. Asians empowered by their collectivist cultural identities and the ability to also use leftism selectively as an ideological weapon can make life miserable. They are like Jews-lite but with more numbers.

    Not that it has much to do with this video but it’s worth stating.

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    Totally disagree. I've been around both groups, and I've found East Asians completely different from Jews, probably more different from them than non Jewish whites are. Sure you can cherry pick some superficial similarities, but the differences are profound. Asians can certainly have a collectivist and ethnocentric nature, but its very different from Jews, and unlike Jews I've generally found these tendencies disappear fairly quickly when they are minorities in European societies. Like maybe a couple generations.

    By contrast Jews have been minorities in European societies for centuries and it only seems to make their ethnocentrism stronger. Asians also seem to have an ingrained desire to avoid conflict, not bring attention to themselves and not cause trouble that couldn't be more different from what you tend to see with Jews. Jews are famously whiney and neurotic. Asians are the exact opposite. They tend to be extremely stoic and have a shrug it off and just deal with it mentality.

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    Tell me about your experiences with Asians.

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    The only good Asians are the Japanese and Koreans. And that's because they actually stay in their own country.

    Chinese people move to White countries with the sole purpose of colonizing or spying. Once they grow in numbers, you see less English being spoken and more Mandarin or Cantonese signs pop up. They also exclusively hire other Chinese people once they seize power.

    They might not be the "worst" immigrants, but it's still White genocide which is wrong.

    Edit: And in terms of voting patterns, they will always side with the Liberals and promote open borders. So say goodbye to your gun rights or free speech if you ever thought "based" Asians will come save you.

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    The only good Asians are the Japanese and Koreans. And that's because they actually stay in their own country.

    This is only true for Japanese. Lots of Korean immigrants.

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    I wasn’t originally going to play but some of the shittiest people I’ve met are SE Asians and lower class Chinese. When I was a kid, they would work as a unit to succeed - all studying together, doing everything together.

    But this wasn’t some benevolent AmRen la la land utopia. They’d often be the bullies, talk about how white kids like me were “inferior” and taunting us about something they had that we didn’t. They were always super materialistic and thought we gave a fuck about their bling or some bullshit. Some became involved in gangs and were really no better than black or brown.

    In school, they taught us about “the boat people” like it was slavery and we should feel bad about it, even though literal Communism caused the problem. Meanwhile, Vietnamese particularly took over many of the areas that used to be predominantly white, planting their Southern Vietnam flag that the MAGAtards love so much like a conquering army wherever white people weren’t anymore. Those areas became dens of massage parlors and gambling and even look like shit on the street level.

    I can’t even count the number of Vietnamese and Chinese who’ve tried to play political games against me or outright scam me at jobs. Dudes think they’re Sun Tzu when they couldn’t even talk themselves out of a parking ticket. The new generation is much more Americanized but the old generation tries to play the based card sometimes. They’re as fucking “based” as Ben Shapiro - only for themselves and ready to gay op on you always.

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    Honestly, I feel like if someone cant get along with East Asians they probably couldn't get along with anybody. They're probably the one group I've never had an issue with. Maybe you could also add East Indians to that list, but I'd still acknowledge a lot of Indians tend to be almost comically aggressive brown nosers(which is why they so often serve as the brown goy face of Jew controlled companies). Honestly I can't think of any East Asians I've ever had a problem with beyond totally trivial bullshit. They aren't the warmest or friendliest of people to be sure, and they can be extremely conformist, especially in their home countries, but I don't really see those traits as affecting me much.

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    Oh cool, good for you.

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    They hate White people in general, White women don't even see them, Asian women are much more attracted to White guys. This makes them vindictive.

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    Also, if you're going to get mad at a minority group, East Asians are objectively the worst choice.

    The worst choice is going on racist rants in public for no reason. Even if they were black it would have been wrong.

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    They're Koreans so it should be ok.

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    In a civil society you shouldn't be able to threaten or verbal attack people in public unprovoked.

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    According to reddit it's the "threat" he said to "Meet them outside after" or "he'll be waiting for them outside" which is why he's charged with the hate crime.

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    Do you have any idea how often a black person says some shit about a person being white before during or after they physically assault them, with no hate crime charges ever being filed or even considered? Never mind when merely issuing a potential threat.

    If someone harasses someone else in public and threatens them, if it's bad enough by all means charge them with something, but recent selectively targeted "hate crime" charges themselves reveal an escalating institutional hatred of whites. The double standards applied are evidence of real hatred by those with actual power.