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There are two issues with regard to covid.

One is whether covid was developed in a lab, who developed it, who leaked it from this lab, and whether it was intentional.

The other is whether Covid vaccines are part of a conspiracy to cause some kind of largely unspecified health problems in people who receive the vaccine, who is responsible for this, and what is their motivation?

I think there is increasing evidence that the first issue involves some kind of a coverup and merits further scrutiny.

There is no real evidence of a conspiracy for the second issue, and in fact such a conspiracy makes little to no sense and has been all but disproven by events, statistics, and logic and reason. It never really made any sense given that the people allegedly responsible for the conspiracy would be the ones most harmed by it, but that is now almost a moot point since there's no clear evidence widespread harm ever occurred.

This is also a misuse of the term red pilling. I saw no evidence in the video John Campbell has been red pilled on demographic replacement through mass immigration in his own country, Jewish power and control, grooming gangs, neocon wars like Ukraine, incitement and discrimination against whites by a hostile elite, or anything else of importance, and of course if he was red pilled on these issues and openly discussing them, he wouldn't have a youtube channel.

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When you stumble upon such genius channels, you start to imagine what could've been if there was no censorship.

I looked through his videos. People like Campbell, Jordan peterson, ben shapiro and such personalities wouldn't even have a platform without censorship because they would've been quickly exposed and REPLACED by better alternatives.

It is good to see Campbell getting red pilled but we all know what will happen once he does get redpilled.

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That's pretty good.

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The video got removed already by youtube but he managed to get 4 times the number of subscribers in that small amount of time.