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There's little in common between the socialists in Latin America and the liberals in Anglo countries (if anything, they're usually opposed).

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Both Western Liberals and Latin Socialists are anti-gun, pro-criminals, pro drugs, pro-climate change agenda, pro-taxation, pro-feminists, heavily corrupt, pro-welfare state, pro-LGBT, anti-white.

The only major area I see them differ is on foreign affairs like Israel and Russia.

But other than that, Latin Socialists are just a much more brainwashed version of our lefties who drink the kool-aid. In fact, reading the history of many Latin American countries shows you they represent our own future.

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From a recent Ron Unz article.

Boris Berezovsky, once the most powerful of the Russian oligarchs and the puppet master behind President Boris Yeltsin during the late 1990s. After looting billions in national wealth and elevating Vladimir Putin to the presidency, he overreached himself and eventually went into exile. According to the New York Times, he had planned to transform Russia into a fake two-party state—one social-democratic and one neoconservative—in which heated public battles would be fought on divisive, symbolic issues, while behind the scenes both parties would actually be controlled by the same ruling elites.

This is exactly the current situation in America and Canada. Our rulers are by no means "left wing", they control both of the "wings" that fight largely meaningless public battles on symbolic issues. They intentionally promote the "left" more in public because they see that as better facilitating demographic replacement and the political weakening of the founding stock of both countries. It's harder to promote suicidal altruism among right leaning people so they prefer people be at least superficially on the left, while the politically "right" establishment in this country serves as controlled opposition to corral people who might oppose those things into meaningless and ineffective opposition.

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Double post but I also found a recent article that says for the first time ever, Millennials are becoming more Left-wing as they grow older instead of turning into Conservatives.

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Liberals in the US and Canada aren't left wing. They are aggressively authoritarian, support the most far right and openly racist government on earth in Israel, are pro war in Ukraine and the middle east, and have done nothing but increase the wealth gap and hook up the 1%. The fact they are obsessed with anti white racial identity politics and LGBTQ shit doesn't make them left wing, it just makes them jewfluenced. On all other issues they are just power establishment enablers who are better at PR than "conservatives" who play their role as bad cop, but conserve nothing.

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The only countries in that region that clearly have Right-leaning or Right-wing governments are Jamaica, Guatemala (set for a third Right-wing government in a row come their June election), Uruguay, Paraguay and Ecuador.

El Salvador is a strange one: I assumed that because President Bukele split from the Marxist FMLN that the party that he formed would likely be Leftist or Left-leaning. However, after becoming aware of his Duterte-like strongman stance on corruption, drugs and gangs, I think he is better re-categorized as centrist at Leftmost (possibly even slightly Right-leaning at this point).

Bukele shares in common with Duterte and similar strongmen an abnormally high approval rating. For instance, even the most negative poll results put Duterte above 50% approval, with the most positive poll results putting him around 85-95%. Duterte was reported as having a highly unusual 87% approval rating upon leaving office in June 2022.

See, for instance, this graphic posted on the website of the Philippines' oldest mass media outlet, the Manila Times (

Notice that the top four leaders (Duterte [87%], Modi [77%], Lee [71%] and Widodo [68%]) are all considered Right-wing to Far-Right from the perspective of a highly Left-biased 'Western' perspective (note that Modi and Lee are—and Duterte is now, though not until the 2010s—also considered Right-wing to a lesser extent in their own countries, Widodo is actually considered Left-wing in Indonesia). AMLO comes in as the first Left-wing leader at #5.

Notice also that the Left-leaning or Left-wing leaders of the major European/Anglosphere countries are grossly unpopular in comparison: Scholz [45%], Biden [40%] and Trudeau [38%] are all below 50%, Albanese is at 51%.

Finally, notice also that Bukele maintains levels of popularity exceeding those of Duterte: every poll puts Bukele above 80%: approval ratings that degenerate ALP, LPC, German SPD and US Democrat Party voters could only ever dream of their leaders having. See:

In short, it is intriguing that Right-wing leaders command a great deal more popularity outside of the 'West', and that polling in these countries seems far more consistent. By contrast, 'Western' countries seem to be in the paradoxical situation of electing people whom either never polled highly to begin with, or whom rapidly fall in the polls after their election.

Of course, Latin America is going in the same direction: Castillo quickly went from President to prisoner, never having been popular in office.

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Until we figure out a way to fix the financial system we will always have whore politicians pandering to the highest bidder.

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Molon Labe

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Molon Labe

Honestly, I find this piece of news terrifying since the entire Cold War was about keeping Socialism out of America with the one exception of Cuba.

But now Left-Wing leaders have complete control of the continent with no real opposition in the way.

Canada will continue to import millions of more immigrants who will all vote Left-wing. The U.S is in the same boat with the border crisis.

Mexicans are too low IQ to stand up to their government and will end up fleeing when it all the collapses. The same is true with Brazil and the other Latin countries.

This is unprecedented.