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I quietly deny the holocaust just to piss off all the right people.

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I saw a meme about pretending to be oblivious about the event and then questioning it from the position of disbelief and gaslighting that something like that could never happen or that the person was being crazy or a conspiracy theorist.

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People flat out just wouldn't believe you.

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A host of a show actually did it, but I think he was genuine. He was complimenting a jew for his charity efforts and so on, and then the jew asked him if he would donate too, and he replied that he didn't really know much about it. And the jew was like "You don't know about that?" and he said no and the jew explained and he was like, yeah well you can't really trust history, I wasn't there so it's hard to say lol, and he wasn't being confrontational about it, he was acting as if he never heard of it before. It was quite funny