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In a normal nation that is a real national community, yes.

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Universal healthcare in the united states just means white people paying for blacks and mexicans, which already happens, just indirectly.

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Probably the biggest problem with "universal healthcare" in the U.S.:

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Yes, because I am a drooling moron who never notices anything that happens in real life.

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It's very circumstantial.

I wouldn't punish a child who was born into this world with cancer or some other illness that was outside of their control. They deserve healthcare.

But any 18+ person who deliberately destroys their body via drugs, smoking, overweight etc? No, they should pay for their lifestyle themselves.

I see this first hand as a person who lives in a country with "free" healthcare. It's full of long wait times with people who want the doctor to look after their every complaint. I just learned to skip this whole process and treat my body with respect. I've never been to the hospital or had any serious sickness ever since.

Edit: And oh yeah, mass immigration makes "free" healthcare even worse. You'll have every border jumper or extended family member taking over a hospital bed that should be given to a native citizen instead.

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wait times are just as bad with paid healthcare, there's just too many people and not enough doctors that give a fuck

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Only for White people, and only for stuff that's out of your control. If you get injured because you're obese or lazy or whatever-have-you then you deserve to go broke paying to fix it. If you get injured at work or have some genetic issue or something like that then there's no reason you should have to pay for it, and the state and society will reap a profit in the long run.

As far as drugs and alcohol-related issues, I'm a bit on the fence, because it's partially the state's responsibility to prevent those from being available/abusable in the first place, but equally the person and their family have a responsibility to take care of themselves.