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Shift among left-leaning politics towards cruelty. I had always thought of lefty people as wanting peace, love, etc. Used to promote understanding, compassion, approaches using empathy etc. Did this change at some point? When/why? Was it gradual or abrupt?

As far as I can tell, the shift happened largely as a result of Jewish paranoia over the rise of "the right", sometime around 2014-15(which itself was largely driven by Jewish excesses on immigration and anti white racial identity politics). The fear was that the pacifist nature of the western left(which itself sprang in part from a sustained post ww2 Jewish propaganda campaign to pacify whites and get them to reject "authoritarianism") was in danger of being rolled over by the right, so Jewish power set about trying to reverse this pacifism and manipulate the left into being more aggressive and combative. I've been a little astonished myself over how quickly and successfully this occurred, but that's what you can do when you pretty much control media, entertainment, politics, and academia. The dirtbag left and groups like antifa and to a large extent BLM are all examples of this largely astroturfed movement to weaponize the left into serving Jewish power and attacking the right, or at least those elements of the right Jewish power is afraid of. Mainly populism and white identity politics.

Why and how the left went from one extreme to the other almost overnight and become so excessively cruel and thuggish probably also has a lot to do with the changing demographics in the west, the breakdown of the American family structure, and the rise of 24/7 social media and the relentless peer pressure that can be manufactured by those who control it. Reddit is a great example of how this type of astroturfed peer pressure works. Jewish power also seemed to focus on empowering and protecting the most sociopathic elements of the left, which were always there but largely powerless. Drug addicts, younger homeless people, ex cons, and the mentally ill suddenly became the foot soldiers of this new left, and they were protected by Jewish money, political and legal power, while the right they went after were relentlessly baited, attacked, and then selectively prosecuted.

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Thanks for the reply.

It seemed like at some point there was like, an "official" change in policy or something. I don't know where to look for people talking about this. I have seen discussion from various perspectives about "the riots" but I don't know what to look for re the more rhetoric style kinds of things maybe I'd put it.

Maybe re the cruelty I noticed it re talking about Christianity. It used to be "coexist," "let me respectfully talk to you about why I think it's not true," and at some point it the style changed to just mostly just sortof overtly trashing Christianity. People were cruel to people they disagreed with even if the rules were nominally treat everyone with respect. I was surprised when I encountered it because it was not what I was used to and not what I thought "the left" generally stood for. It seemed like there had been a chance in policy or something. Maybe a development in leftist theory that somebody could name and point to. Idk.

I haven't really examined a lot of the pacifism and anti-authoritarianism stuff coming out of ww2. I know it's there, the milgrim experiments eg. I took it at face value when I was taught about it and I haven't examined it or where it came from much since.

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It seemed like at some point there was like, an "official" change in policy or something.

There was, and I pointed out a major reason for this change.

Another thing I failed to mention is that the Neocons had pretty much burned bridges with conservatives after Iraq, and what passes for the right was no longer down for more Jewish wars, so the Neocons laid low for a few years then reinvented themselves as left wing shitlibs because they still had wars they wanted to wage(like Ukraine, Syria, and a war with Iran). In order to prime the left for these wars, the neocons/neoliberals had undo the pacifism inherent in the western left and remake it in their war mongering violent image. Now the modern day "left" is cheering everytime some russian conscripts or civilians are killed and pushing for escalation in Ukraine that could lead to nuclear war, something that would have been unthinkable for the left a decade ago.

Maybe re the cruelty I noticed it re talking about Christianity. It used to be "coexist," "let me respectfully talk to you about why I think it's not true," and at some point it the style changed to just mostly just sortof overtly trashing Christianity.

Yeah I wonder who is overtly hostile towards Christianity, if only there was an ethno-religious group I could think of with such a track record...

Now to be fair, it isn't all the fault of hostile Jewish elites, there are likely other factors, and I think in general the left being more cruel and violence craving isnt just a symptom of Jewish manipulation, it's a symptom of zoomers in general. They tend to be much more degenerate and unthinking than previous generations, with a tendency towards bullying and hyena like mob behavior so long as they can get away with it that transcends political persuasion. Again this is likely a product of many factors, including demographic changes, dysgenics, social media, unchecked narcissism, and the breakdown of the family.

It's also been long rumored that a lot of the "dirtbag left (IE people like Vaush, Destiny or other "left wing" e-celebs, online shills, and websites), have connections to the deep state and the CIA, which itself is now likely heavily Jewfluenced and generally keen to start wars and get younger people on board for war and militarism. The military industrial complex is stronger now than ever, and has now largely coopted the left that used to speak out against it.

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That's informative, thanks.

I guess I was hoping to find a name for these things I could use to search for content in online encyclopedias, discussion forums, books, etc.

Like for the physical riots I can look up "blm" or "george floyd riots" on wikipedia or wikipedia clones or wherever else people talk about that, and get people's commentary or rational or whatever.

But I don't know what to search for for these. I guess I was hoping someone would say "oh yeah that's called the such-and-such approach" and then I would know and could go read what various perspectives say about it. Like this: was informative re how things seem explicitly racialized now in a way they weren't before.

I think I also misunderstood how much the left has always been violent and cruel. Maybe it was just the particular era or location I grew up in that tended to emphasize the peace and love aspects more. Or maybe it was from how things were presented to me back in school.

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I think I also misunderstood how much the left has always been violent and cruel.

The left has always been self righteous and judgemental, but the apparent widespread acceptance of violence and cruelty is relatively new, and again is probably largely a reflection of the recent masks off take no prisoners approach of the Jewish elite who police and manipulate online and media discourse, and the dumbing down and deterioration of American society in general. In the past there were radical left wing elements that could be violent, as we saw in the 60s with the weather underground and other Jewish dominated radical groups, but they weren't the mainstream. Now this kind of violent sociopathic behavior is what you see from the mainstream left.

How did you find this sub?

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Yeah I also meant like in countries during communist revolution and under communist rule. They were genuinely not very nice to people as far as I understand. And some of the style even in older writing, like not just from the last decade or so, reminds me of the recent style of advocating for more compassion while also promoting cruelty towards people who do cruel or oppressive things.

I had thought that wasn't their approach: that they were big on respecting human rights, that they thought cruelty and not caring for people was wrong, etc.

How did you find this sub?

I used to read sometimes a while back.

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Did this change at some point? When/why? Was it gradual or abrupt?


I had always thought of lefty people as wanting peace, love, etc

Same but to some degree this has always been a lie. Leftists even in the peace, love and compassion towards the 'oppressed' phase were always capable of passing laws that had the opposite effect. This peace and love thing was always just rhetoric and now it's not even a veneer. It's this veneer that brought the young to the left but I think today the young only go to the left because of the negative appeal of the right. People don't really look at the political positions each party stands for today. They simply make a decision based on emotional perception and that perception is generated from a manufactured mainstream culture that bias both the left and the right. People basically eat what they are fed and it's very difficult for them to break away from that. Today it's critical to understand the people are not 'left' or 'right' because of 'issues' they are simply aligned out of strict tribal com passions. They think the other side wants to kill, rape, stave or enslave them and they think that they are righteous and vindicated by following the same old beliefs they've always had and projecting those beliefs on the current structures.

Race and sex propaganda from the left. Stuff like images showing African or Asian people, especially women, in a superior position compared to European men or women. There was a shift in style at some point towards depicting this kind of inequality. It seemed like there was a lot of propaganda of this style released around the time of the riots during the last presidential election in the US.

I think this stuff has been happening long before the riots. The inequality in advertising probably started in the early 2000's after a lot of testing in the 90's. If you remember the first gay folks were introduced to television in positive roles in the 90's. Personally I have zero issues with positive and negative portrayals. I don't want to live in a society where it's illegal to show Europeans in a negative light (that can create a blind spot for the protected class). The issues I have is that there's billions and billions of dollars put behind the anti white campaign. It's painfully obvious that it's manufactures and not a natural critique of whites and white culture. Politicians and civic leaders are forced to go along with the rewriting of culture and history or they are forced into other positions. That's why things are getting much worse. It's looks like nobody wants to stand up and say what's happening to us all.

and a style of loud friendliness and helpfulness that seemed at least a little artificial

It's VERY artificial. In fact it's almost a complete reversal of the reality.

but not as much on these kinds of topics. Would appreciate info or anything to point me in the right direction

Lol. You've come to the right place for that!

Also just generally interested in discussing this and related topics.

As are we. I think you should try to share things from your old viewpoints that you're still holding onto? When I first started on this path I had a lot of trouble with the idea that Jews are sneaking around and stealing money, promoting porn, and working together to keep non jews out of positions of power. I had so many positive relationships with Jews in my youth that I struggled with the data about central banking and old wealthy families that fixed the financial system in their favor through debt and institutional capture. I also bought into the idea that blacks are the way they are because they have lived lives oppressed by whites. I believed that blacks stole simply because they are starving and forced into it. I believed that blacks failed college because they simply didn't have money and nice houses to learn time management skills, etc. I'm wondering what level of understand you still have about non whites, jews, communism, civil war, slavery, WWII, holocaust, Hitler, JFK, Israel, lgbt, etc. That would help if you gave us an understanding of how you see the world.

edit. Years ago I use to collect image files and videos in a folder I called redpills for normies. I think you might benefit from some of those materials. Maybe I will dig into the old archive and look for them. Jared Taylor is is good start. I think you'll find as you get into the dissident space that there's forums for people that have been in the movement for years and there's spaces for people that are new. If I were you I'd stick to the safer spaces so that you can get a good idea of core beliefs because there is some anger and harsh memes in the more extreme spaces. You have to understand though that from our perspective there's group of people that wants to gradually enslave or remove us from the earth altogether. That's something that's going to cause anger and intense expression. If you notice someone that always angry and calling for violence in a dissident space there's a good chance they're not one of us but an outsider attempting to get a forum shut down. Just take everything so see with a HUGE grain of salt.

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Thanks for the reply. This is helpful.

I'm wondering what level of understand you still have about [...] JFK

JFK?? I don't know about JFK connecting to these things.

I don't know what my views are exactly. I'm influenced by everything I read, really, which is weird because people in different "camps" ostensibly hate each other but if I read stuff on both sides and it seems like people have a point both sides what am I supposed to do? I guess I'd hope I arrive at the truth. I feel a little frustrated with how it seems people don't just state things clearly and openly sometimes. I mean, I guess people do, there are a lot of political books published from different perspectives and I have read almost none of them. If something's just accurate it should come to the light of day and then everyone will just know it, right? Maybe that's naive I know stuff gets suppressed and it's been creepy to see.

I'm not looking to change my view to a particular perspective right now so much as just understand the stuff I saw part of just because it was so loud, but that I'm kindof out of the loop on.

And re the advertising yeah knowing a little more things seem propagandistic in a way I didn't realize they were growing up, it just seemed like normal stuff growing up. I think the first one that seemed really questionable that I saw was (I know, I know) MLP. Of course I immediately thought of smurfette, but people had said that was wrong and we knew not to do that now, but how was it better to just do the same thing but reverse?

There was a point at which there was an abrupt propaganda campaign corresponding to the BLM stuff around the last presidential election, wasn't there? That's still ongoing? With specific themes? Like the particular focus on african american women and other non-white women. and especially with baby products african babies. This was a specific propaganda operation right? I haven't been able to find information yet on the propaganda strategies, like those kinds of things. I don't know what to call that, I can describe it, but I don't know what to call it to go look up information and analysis about it. Though it was going on before, I remember seeing in like gov't health and safety stuff they would make a point to have a picture and have it of someone who wasn't white. But there was a specific propaganda campaign starting around the time of the George Floyd riots right? I'm remembering right, right? This thing has to have a name of some sort?

I guess the cycle before it was the trans stuff. Nobody knew or cared much about that before. Does the democratic party just pick one of these to do every presidential election?

Also other themes from earlier than the George Floyd riot, like hyper-local identity stuff. "I'm <ethnicity>, not white". "I'm not white, I'm from <us state>". While alt-right stuff is doing stuff like the "we have all the diversity we need" memes. And then the blm stuff comes out around the george floyd riots with the graphics like the twitter multi-fist blm graphic with different dark skin tones. That was another theme.

I just almost feel like I'm crazy again typing this. It seemed like I saw so much stuff from companies that didn't seem ok? I tried to ignore it but that didn't work very well and it seems more prudent to at least kinda try to understand what's going on. It's like people yell at me for being a bigot enough and well ok yeah I have thought some bigoted stuff maybe it's normal human stuff maybe it's not maybe I'm a horrible epithet. I guess I get to the point that I'm open to accepting it if I really am. But then I remember all the blatant stuff that happened and I don't know what to think. Is it even safe out there? Companies and gov were/are being overtly discriminatory in a way I had thought wasn't legal in the US.

Sorry this got to be a bit of a rant. Maybe this gives a little better idea what I'm trying to talk about. Idk. Maybe I'll have to try to research this more thoroughly when I can.

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I'm not looking to change my view to a particular perspective right now so much as just understand the stuff I saw part of just because it was so loud, but that I'm kindof out of the loop on.

So you'd like to understand why the world has changed so drastically in the last decade? I.e. BLM riots, trans rights, corporate support of leftism?

That's kind of a big topic. You can't understand why things are so weird today without looking at the past. BLM, LGBTQ+++, MAPS, Woke advertising are all are result of what happens when your financial system and institutional leadership fall into the hands of people that see the world VERY differently than normal people on the ground. In the past here were some nations that were governed by their own people and there were other nations governed by outsiders from different nations, militaries, etc. Today the west is essentially governed by an outside group some call it a shadow government. This shadow government is difficult to define but in the interest of time they are essentially the sons and daughter of powerful mercantile families. If you stay with this learning process you'll learn that most of these elite banking families and the think tanks and hedge funds that own are almost exclusively Jewish with some exceptions of non Jews that are either married into Jews or intensely supportive of Jews and Zionism. This shadow government supported communism, it supported feminism, it supported the killing of JFK, porn production/distribution, it supported homosexuality, then trannys, then BLM riots, and now pedophile rights. The shadow government also encourages war among nations but especially Europeans. They profit no matter who wins because they are a small and mobile group set up to sell weapons to both sides and profit on the rebuilding.

I'm not sure how aware of racialism you are. One thing is for certain that racial tensions were cooling in the United States until an event called occupy wallstreet. This was a group that camped out in wallstreet and it seemed to force the shadow government into re injecting racial tension into western politics. The culmination of this was BLM which should really be called a color revolution. Are you familiar with Arab spring? That was a CIA led psychological campaign to turn the people against the governments of the arab world starting in Tunisia. It wasn't an accident the CIA had actually developed AI software that generated and then supported those events. They used the same AI on the United states before and during the BLM riots.

This documentary goes into that story:

This shadow government is not new. It goes back before the founding of the United States. This article will explain that:

Please let me know if the reading materials I give are too difficult. I have shorter video clips that also summarize some of these events. I think the information I provided above is a good start for you. Please let me know which topic is more interesting to you and maybe you can make a post asking about it and myself and other DAR users can help you out. Common topics we can help you with: race realism, white genocide, civil right movement hoax, holocaust hoax, 911 and other CIA/Israel hijinks, Covid, inflation, central banking, Jewish history, black crime, south Africa. Are you already caught up on racial differences because that a huge topic in our space. IMHO the two most important places to start in our dissident movement is understanding the racialism side of things and understanding the financial side of things (central banking scam/jews/etc). Starting at those two points will help all the other points make sense.

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Thanks this is helpful.

In terms of asking for more, I don't have a lot of time to read stuff right now. I guess I was just trying to get caught up on the basics quickly. I think "woke advertizing"/"woke capitalism" was a search term I was looking for. Re my OP I think maybe I feel caught up ok on those topics re changes in the "colorblind" approach and "woke capitalism".

Stuff on covid would be helpful.

I feel like I understand well enough for now about race differences. I certainly don't know everything but it's a big topic.

I guess the short answer there's some evidence these are operations by a longstanding Jewish faction. Stuff like I'm used to reading about happening in other countries. Also is that "questions to consider" box on the "saturday evening post" link something added by youtube?

I don't understand what's going on right now practically in terms of safety. Is it safe to publicly work to change things that seem wrong or illegal to me, like stuff that seems discriminatory towards whites eg in gov't or business practices that I've encountered? Or is that actually dangerous right now? How safe is it to use services that seem like they're doing things that are wrong or illegal?