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Because they have defined it as such "after colonization in the 1500s", I forgot the correct wording but basically, by definition they have removed whites from this seemingly "neutral" and "universally" applicable term.

Before getting banned on reddit, we would use this talking point on the danish subreddits. Because every Dane knows we are the indigenous, so simply getting them to realize that not a single elected politician would consider danes to be indigenous is a huge red pill, and that none of them would write laws or similar recognizing danes as protected indigenous peoples.

Because they KNOW they are taking our lands, our resources etc. Exactly what that UN charter says the state cannot do.

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Essentially they just pick and choose which groups these rights fall under. Same with any "human right"

"You can't be forced from your ancestral homeland unless you are German after WWII"

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The United Nations was created solely to control and persecute Whites, of course they're going to hypocritically hold Whites to a different standard and treat us as lesser.

The rules they put out exist only to bind and attack us; we have to play by the rules they set out, but others can rape, murder, and commit war crimes against us with impunity, because that's how the system was intentionally designed.

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Among the arguments they use against this have to be Cheddar Man, black Roman soldiers or anything anti-race science.

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I knew that was going to come up. But even that is still too much mental gymnastics.

If we keep going back in time, then everyone can claim to be indigenous to Africa.

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I would truly support a repatriation scheme to get rid of the undesirables if people did that.