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It's probably just one prong of a many pronged approach to make a golem/orc army that has no risk of turning on it's master and actually protect core Americans, i.e. Whites.

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Extremely high IQ post.

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Your hypothesis makes sense, we know the Biden administration has been purging conservatives since January 6 and most of them tend to be white, but why assume it's race-based? Maybe this process making it harder for whites to join the military is just a byproduct/side-effect, and their actual agenda is to prevent well-off people in general from joining, meaning they want poorly-educated people from poor backgrounds, with poor prospects outside of the military, so that they are completely dependent on it, and are less likely to cause trouble during and after their service.

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There's no direct evidence of it being intentionally race based but given the agendas of those at the top level of the government and the explicit intention of the DoD to increase 'racial diversity' I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case.

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The military is massively struggling to recruit, they are short tens of thousands of soldiers

I have a feeling this might actually be about screening people who they think are physically or mentally unfit for duty, or maybe they are getting too many woke neckbeards with anxiety and asthma

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I have a feeling this might actually be about screening people who they think are physically or mentally unfit for duty

Then why are they bogging down people who had random temporary childhood issues like a broken leg or a month with an inhaler? People with top notch physical scores mind you. I would imagine the shortage is directly cause by this, the timeline has lengthened from about 30 days to ship to basic to nearly a year. Makes it difficult to sit and wait that long while training.

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I hate this country with every fibre of my being. Die Guten verloren.

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Yeah sorry but if you larp as having a mental disorder like ADHD to avoid addressing your real problems then I think people have a right to exclude you from positions of responsibility. If you can't see why the military might want to exclude people prone to anxiety or asthma then I don't know what to tell you.

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Most people with anxiety and adhd are misdiagnosed when they're kids because their parents were gullible enough to trust teachers and doctors and genuinely wanted the best for their children. Childhood asthma often goes away by adulthood and poses no issue with performance. A significant portion of currently serving soldiers and veterans had these issues in childhood and excelled in the armed service, not an insignificant portion would've gone onto high level groups within the military. If those conditions in childhood led to reduced performance I'd agree with you but that isn't necessarily the case. I think if a candidate can pass the physical and mental standards for performance he ought to be let in regardless of earlier medical history, which was the norm before medical standards were computer enforced.