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I for one welcome our immortal overlords.

Who knows what might be cooking in some billionaires private lab.

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I for one welcome our immortal overlords. Who knows what might be cooking in some billionaires private lab.

If we go by Epstein? Sex trafficking. Lots of sex trafficking and underage grooming.

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Is this why Kissinger hasn't died yet?

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This is going to be an utter catastrophe.

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You can read about but it's not for you (us). The Davos crowd probably already has access to this in conjunction with blood transfusions from children (unvaccinated) and adrenachrome. How else do Soros, Kissinger, HRC, and all of the real bosses we never see keep going? All of these stories have this hopeful talk about extending life. It will only be for the very wealthy. Don't get your hopes up.

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I think a lot of the drug/surgical approaches to longevity/youth extension will be accessible to the middle class, just takes more research and potentially travel to poorer countries. Plastic surgery/steroids/longevity drugs were once the domain of hollywood but now pretty much anyone with some amount of dedication and intelligence can get them if they choose.

blood transfusions from children (unvaccinated)

Honestly I doubt this helps much but nothing stops you from adopting a kid and doing this yourself if you're married

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    Is it really that far off? We see breakthroughs in life expectancy happen every day:

    This is actually what I'm concerned about. We have more old people than ever, and if they keep living longer, then someone has to pay for their pensions + healthcare.

    All while this same generation of people vote for more 3rd world immigration.

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    I imagine that if people start receiving these treatments, the retirement age is going to shoot up by quite a bit. A worker with 100+ years of experience and the body of a young person would be in quite high demand I think. It would help countries cope with shrinking populations and make infirmity no longer a guaranteed thing in old age.

    This tech is coming faster than we think, and our little political movement can't apply any breaks to it, so we might as well try to see the bright side.

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    The average person has had declining life expectancy lately between obesity/metabolic disease and other emerging health issues. I think the aging population problem will stop mattering once the post-ww2 middle class is gone.

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    I predict this will just end up in the post-ww2 ruling class ruling for another century (which means whenever they eventually die or retire there will probably societal collapse due to decay and dependence).

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      Can't tell if the boomer slow boil or the hard collapse their incompetent children would create is worse.

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      Don't worry. Most of the recipients of this technology will probably be jewish or chinese.