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What point? First off MLK was speaking about a situation 60 years ago that no longer exists today, so right off the bat its irrelevant.

Next, he’s just demanding whites carry water for people who wouldn't do the same for us. At some point there needs to be some reciprocity, some instance where blacks show the same outgroup preferences and altruism they demand others show for them, but thats never happened. Quite the opposite. It’s only continual lobbying to make our lives more difficult and societies more dysfunctional and dangerous for their alleged benefit, with no acknowledgement or thanks, only continually escalating demands and criticism.

Its just kikes playing divide and conquer and sticking it to whites they hate, or cowardly self hating conformist white cucks agreeing with MLK’s “point” in this day and age of black worship, white discrimination and Jew perpetuated anti white double standards.

That this appeared on jew bought reddit, which is now just 24/7 astroturfed propaganda, just further illustrates that blacks are being used as pawns in a campaign to attack whites and expand Jewish power and control.

Kanye understands this, as do some other blacks, but they dont get to post on reddit due to kike censorship.

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I understand what he means by "negative peace". A status quo where both sides are thrown into chaos is annoying.

What MLK got wrong was believing the solution was to go with forced equality. There was no excuse for this, when Malcolm X lived and breathed in the same era as him, but he was pushing Blacks to go live in their own separate country instead.

It's actually kind of sad. Now everyone is doomed to die in a society with far worse racial tensions than before...

[–]oligarchracy 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (6 children) have been churning out these concern posts where you ask for advice on how to debate shitlibs on specific topics on reddit and other forums. Do you have any evidence you put any of this advice to good use and actually debated them? Can you show us some debates you've had? On your previous concern posts I saw no comments in the reddit posts you linked that in any way matched the advice you were given or were anything other than dimwitted shitlib bot posts. Where are all these debates you are having with shitlibs? You must have a shitload of banned reddit accounts by now right?

If we didn't know any better we'd think you were just a concern troll misrepresenting your views...

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That isn't my intention at all. I see these arguments commonly made on reddit and other forums and I think it's for the best we brainstorm counter arguments for when they are used in future debates and discussions.

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What future debates and discussions? You've been doing this concern trolling for months/years and yet cant provide any evidence you've ever debated any shitlibs on anything, and you well know that debate isn't possible on reddit. Everything remotely political or of importance gets vetted by the Jews and their shabbos goys(you are one or the other). Big brother in 1984 doesn't have shit on the Jews that police online discourse.

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I disagree that debate is impossible on reddit, on shitlib subreddits like politics obviously but there is room for dissent on a lot of subreddits, including major ones. Have a look at any thread related to immigration on subs like r/europe. It's one of the major social media websites (which is the modern town square of debate), just abandoning it is stupid.

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It's one of the major social media websites (which is the modern town square of debate), just abandoning it is stupid.

It is under complete Jewish control, the oligarch that owns it allowed his coethnics to completely take over the place and set up a sophisticated propaganda and censorship regime.

There needs to be alternatives to reddit, and there is a huge demand for exactly that, but Jewish power either buys them up or destroys them using various internet chokepoints like web hosts, advertisers, banks, etc. They use them to go after and censor any and all opposition until such time they can effectively ban free speech in the west, and we are fast approaching that time. They will still continue the illusion of free speech, but you will never be allowed to say anything they don't want said. This is practically the situation now and in some countries is literally the situation and people are imprisoned for saying the wrong thing. The US has an amendment guaranteeing free speech that's been a thorn in their side, but they have been steadily chipping away at it and will continue until it's toothless or simply replaced.

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I disagree, it can even used as a way to promote alternatives and attract people to them.