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I saw that one, but didn't think much of it. Basically, certain academics are willing to write convincing but false studies in order to promote their worldview. For example, Stephen Breuning claimed that IQ could be raised by dozens of points by changing one's environment—naturally something Left-liberals wish was true—but practically all of the data he provided as evidence was fabricated. He got away with this from around 1978 to 1983. In 1983 he was found out, and yet strangely his 'work' is still being cited today.

More importantly than this video, Keith Woods' latest video on the harmful effects of 'diversity' was the most productive one I've seen recently, mostly because it brings to attention several academic papers that were heretofore largely unknown to us. He clearly did his research.

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I don't believe in that chart. Liberals care about fairness? Not a chance. If they did, the number one conservative meme wouldn't be to display hypocrisy.

Conservatives care about fairness, liberals don't. I'd say the chart is supposed to be the exact opposite.

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I think "fairness" in that study is more meant as "equality." Like "social outcomes must be fair (equal)" though I'm not sure

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Yes but they do not want equality, as in equity.

Ask them if they want equity in any place where whites or men are disadvantaged, and they'll laugh at you for even asking such a stupid question.

Whites pay the vast majority of taxes yet get disproportionately fewer benefits from the state. Is this equity? No. Will they make race based taxes in favor of whites? No.

Because they do not care at all about equality or even equity. What they care about is hurting white people.