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There are none. That's the tragedy of our current age.

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A great country just needs a government that doesn't actively hate their own citizens or get in the way of success.

In the case of Japan, I've never heard of any high level interference. In fact, the opposite exists. The Japanese government is constantly increasing the amount of money you can get for having a baby.

Honestly, who cares about the incels who can't get a girlfriend? Just be a chad and retire early with 8 kids under your belt.

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If the Japanese government actually wanted higher tfr they'd start making serious interventions into school/work culture and make it easier for people to actually socialize and meet potential partners. 1 million yen for moving out of Tokyo is a great start in spirit but that's not nearly enough money to cover for the lack of job opportunities, social issues, etc. It's only 7K USD after all.

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A great country just needs a government that doesn't actively hate their own citizens or get in the way of success.

No, a great country needs way more than that.

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Switzerland is better

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Better than what?

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Than Japan to live. Think I misread your comment as saying "there is no alternative to japan".

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It's a very nice place to live, but it's not a great country.

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    The number of immigrants went through the roof last year. Mostly from Ukraine though. We were on the track of going below zero netmigration for 2022 which sadly didn't happen.

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    Mostly from Ukraine though.

    That's fine.

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    Not really

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    They're not danish

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    They're white, which is all that matters. Take your petty nationalism and shove it.

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      We've been told the same with every single war. "The syrian refugees will go back once it is safe" -> never happens

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      denmark has really been on track actually reducing immigration?

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      Yes with our last government but now the mainstream parties on both sides went together to exclude the anti immigration parties.

      This is ironic because these same parties have talked about how well the danish government has functioned by working with the danish peoples party (anti immigration) for the past 15-20 years, while the swedish parties have tried to exclude the sweden democrats (anti immigration), so in Sweden the anti immigration party has exploded in popularity, I think they are the biggest or second biggest now idk something like that.
      Meanwhile the mainstream parties in Denmark have adopted the rhetoric (but no policies) of the anti immigration party and are now trying to exclude them.
      They also banned a newly formed alt-lite party and the censorship on social media hasn't helped our cause for the past few years.

      It used to look really good, I'm not so sure anymore. We're still only 1 serious government away from turning 40 years of immigration into almost nothing, but also only one government away from turning things into a disaster. Something between 13-20% of our population is foreign, but ONLY 5% of our citizens are foreigners. So we can go to 95% ethnostate with just 1 government that removes the right-to-stay, I'm optimistic but it would require a free speech platform for that to happen.

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      Well I'm very happy to hear there is at least some good things going for you all. The situation is better than I thought it was. It's heartening to hear anyone having any success with all this. Support to you guys.

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      I don't get what you're saying. You mean that there aren't more people praising Japan?

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      You mean that there aren't more people praising Japan?

      I explicitly said I don't worship them. But no one has actually named a better alternative despite their faults.

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      Most definitely israel. Very ethnocentric. In fact, one of just a few countries on earth that overtly declares itself an ethic homeland. They crush invaders with extreme prejudice. Their highly intelligent population has created vassal states across the world that send them tribute. I wouldn't want to live there, but the Israelis have done well for themselves.

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      Indeed. Your comment reminds me of two different narratives on Israel.

      The first stems from what was a few years ago being referred to, and perhaps still is, as 'Left-wing anti-Semitism'. Examples of 'Left-wing anti-Semitism' include narratives such as that 'Israel is an Apartheid state' and all others that analogize Israel either to the Union of South Africa or any fascist state. Naturally, when Leftards say this, we flip the value judgement they assign to it and say that our aim is to essentially get for Whites what Jews already have for themselves. We also see that the prime facie contradictory 'ethnostate for me, globalization for thee' attitude of many Jews exemplifies a sickening hypocrisy. Of course, when one understands that ethnocentrism strengthens oneself and that the lack thereof weakens oneself, then this attitude no longer exemplifies hypocrisy, only Jewish supremacism.

      And this nicely leads into the second narrative worthy here of consideration: the insistence by certain figures that Israel is in fact not ethnonationalist, not Jewish supremacist, not 'racist', not religiously sectarian and so forth, and that the 'real racism' resides first and foremost in the domain of their 'racist' and 'anti-Semitic' detractors, even when said detractors are Left-wing. This is at some point followed by messing about with the definition of 'Jew' or 'race', and the strange notion that Israel is the 'best hope for'—and, further still, the 'only example of'—'liberal democracy' in the Middle East, as well as the 'greatest ally' of 'liberal democracies' worldwide. They will, for instance, point to the number of Arabs in Israel as evidence of these supposed 'facts', even though the laws of Israel overtly and unmistakably privilege Jews.

      Of course, there is plenty of degenerate nonsense in Israel; for instance, the sheer amount of homosexuality in Tel Aviv, admitted by its own authorities. But one notices that the 'Left-wing anti-Semites' now condemn the State of Israel for having the 'most Right-wing' government since its establishment, and Israel is perhaps the only country on the face of this planet that could realistically be viewed as progressively shifting Rightward, and thus the only country that is genuinely progressing full stop. Indeed, Netanyahu seems to be forced into an alliance with them, lest he unable to rule otherwise, even if it seems as though he is trying to minimize their influence by ensuring that Likudniks rather than the members of these 'Far-Right' parties occupy as many of the top positions in government as possible. Nevertheless, the fact that open Jewish supremacists are in government at all exemplifies how Israel's political culture is shifting. Go back thirty years and Israel was banning the likes of Meir Kahane and his overtly Jewish supremacist Kach party from politics. Today, two Jews whose beliefs are similar to those of the Kahanists are in top governmental positions.

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      Go back thirty years and Israel was banning the likes of Meir Kahane and his overtly Jewish supremacist Kach party from politics. Today, two Jews whose beliefs are similar to those of the Kahanists are in top governmental positions.

      By the standards applied by american leftists toward whites, the entire jewish population is jewish supremacist.

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      Europe needs to become a giant Israel for Europeans, honestly. Israel is ironically the prefect model.

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      In terms of places to live I'd say Switzerland. Japan does a lot of things right but it's still important to recognize that the currents and trajectories passing there are often just a less advanced version of what's happening in the West.

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      Edit: I take it back, their country is fucked.

      Switzerland is the headquarters of many globalist organizations, including the international LGBT alliance and the World Jewish Congress.

      They also voted to legalize gay marriage.

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      Switzerland is the headquarters of many globalist organizations, including the international LGBT alliance and the World Jewish Congress.

      They incorporate in Switzerland for tax reasons, this doesn't affect the lives of most Swiss citizens but admittedly it does make things worse for the rest of the world

      They also voted to legalize gay marriage.

      Definitely a negative development but idt it outweighs the positives of its isolation, rural centric lifestyle, decentralized government, difficulty of obtaining citizenship, etc. Switzerland is arguably the most ethnocentric country in the white world.

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      Forgot where Davos (WEF) is located? That place is expensive as hell to go to.

      Forgot where WHO is located either? And it's not tax reasons, these organizations pay no taxes anyway since they are either governmental or "non-governmental".

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      I think Japan is indeed greater than most countries as far as policy is concerned.

      But that's like asking who is the healthiest patient in San Francisco's bathhouses circa 1982.

      Birth rate problem is global. No high-income country has above replacement fertility besides Israel.

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      Your criteria for what constitutes 'something right' hold far truer for countries like Saudi Arabia than Japan, which leads you to a strange conclusion.

      If I could choose where to have been born but with the caveat that it could not be in any country founded by Whites or as part of a White racial minority anywhere else, then I would clearly choose Brunei or Saudi Arabia before Japan. If we account for the fact that both countries are much smaller than Japan population-wise, and think of terms of a sort of 'goodness per capita' which, being immeasurable, we can only approximate, then both countries strike me as being vastly superior to Japan either by your criteria or by my own.

      I omit Qatar and the Emirates only because they are both demographically screwed by foreign workers and have unimpressive birth rates, but both countries are vastly more 'patriarchal' and 'free'. 'Free', by which I do not mean licentious or permissive in the sense that the baizuo, in particular, mean it, but for people like me to openly moralize, or in modern parlance, simply 'be based', &c. For degenerates, Western societies are indubitably freer than any others are or ever have been—indeed, Western societies, ruled by them, are incredibly unfree for intelligent and moral people, who cannot condemn nor criticize much of anything. I assume you mean 'free' in the sense that I mean it, or else Japan is also more 'unfree' than the West.

      The times in which Japan degenerates (e.g. 1860s, 1920s [that of 'Taisho democracy'], 1940s [liberalism and Marxism return in full force]) are clearly more numerous than the eras in which it regenerates, of which the last was probably the 1930s (liberals, and Marxists even more so, had to operate underground during that decade).

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      Imperial Japan was awesome.

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      You know, I can agree that Saudi Arabia has a better political system than Japan.

      They're ruled by a Monarchy, with a strong focus on religion.

      Although Japan technically still has an Emperor, his status as of post-WW2 has been neutered. Makes you wonder if it's the U.S imposed treaty that is holding them back.

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      Japan never had an absolute monarchy. It was an aristocracy, much like Europe.

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      Mexico, like a lot of other Latin American countries, could have potential if they didn't keep electing Socialist governments.

      If they do this, alongside a strict eugenics program to cull the 85 IQ retards, then they could be a world player.