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He might be right about anti-black bias in news coverage BUT he is ignoring the anti-white bias in TV shows. Whites are much more often depicted as murderers on TV than they are in reality.

Content analyses of three seasons of Law & Order were examined to evaluate the show’s portrayal of race and crime compared to actual crime statistics for New York City during the same periods.[...] Results suggest whites are disproportionately portrayed as criminals five to eight times more often on police dramas compared to actual crime statistics for the city of New York, exposure to police dramas increases beliefs of threats to personal safety, and exposure to police dramas leads to elevated perceptions of white criminality among non-whites.

Now, I would assume TV shows have larger audience than news coverage of crimes so by his own logic whites are erroneously over-represented in these NCVS surveys to even larger extent than blacks.

That being said I think this whole narrative is BS. According to him people don't remember the race of the man who robbed them because of the stress so they just say he was black that's what they saw on the news? Whether the offender was white or black is not some tiny detail you forget because of stress. This excuse doesn't even pass basic smell test. Not mentioning he didn't provide any evidence that this is happening, it's pure speculation on his part.

It's also funny he claims blacks and whites use drugs at similar rates based on a self-report survey (National Household Survey on Drug Abuse) when he criticized surveys for being inaccurate few moments ago. I guess they start being accurate when they show what he likes to see. Unfortunately for him there is good evidence that blacks are lying on these surveys about their drug use. This has been documented here:

To put it shortly, blacks use drugs at higher rates than whites so it doesn't mean there is systemic racism when they get arrested for drugs at higher rates as well.

Anyway that's my response. If someone here has functioning reddit account you can send him this reply. I would be curious what he has to say.

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anti-black bias in news coverage

On what fucking planet?!

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He might be right about anti-black bias in news coverage BUT he is ignoring the anti-white bias in TV shows.

That's nonsense. When blacks go out and rob, rape, and kill people the media makes sure to not mention who did the robbing, the raping and the killing.

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It's possible that it turns out to be bullshit like most things they say but I haven't seen any refutations yet so I thought I will grant him that one.

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If they were being purposely targeted because of drugs then their should be an excess of people in prison for drug offences. However most men in prison are there for violent crime. You can look up the stats for that.

People in solely for drug crimes are a small minority but you'd never know that from the race grift.

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Show them this.

Fiscal Impact by Race in the United States.

Aggregate Effect By Racial Group In The United States On Government Finances. More Charts Debunking Institutional Racism.

Latest Interracial Crime Stats.

Will anyone else ever tell you that a black person is 34 times more likely to attack a white person than the other way around?

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and the non trump supporter argues that the stats are skewed due to African Americans being targeted more in anti drug police activities as well as people in victim surveys saying the suspect was African American due to the media apparently overepresenting them in reporting.

Tell him to visit Jamaica or any other 99% Black country and ask him again if the crime rate ever goes down?

In fact, the argument is on Liberals to even prove what does an all Black utopia look like or even exist.

But naturally, they'll pivot back to saying "but it was slavery that made them forget how to invent the wheel for 300 years!" and thus we're back to the current status quo of denying science...