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is that it has been reduced to the enforcement arm of the current socio-political order.

That's pretty much it. After 1945, there has never been a single justified war for Western nations.

Invading Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Cuba, Afghanistan, Panama, Libya etc has only made life worse. Imagine being a soldier, coming back from the horrors of war, just to experience demographic replacement, LGBT education in schools, rampant inflation, low wages etc.

Never join the armed forces. If anything, be hopeful the current system collapses faster instead of shedding blood for it.

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What are you views on contemporary military service?

It seems beneficial, provided you do it with the deliberate intent of extracting specific benefits from the System. You can get millions of dollars worth of combat training, free schooling, zero down mortgages, and often a lifelong monthly paycheck after. Learning more about how the state machinery works and what chinks there are is also a huge plus. But you should be careful not to give more than they take, don't get yourself injured/killed and don't spend too much time in.

The recruiting crisis in the American military is a good possible case study.

I had an earlier post speculating on the causes but the majority of the recruiting shortfall is from their new gay system that penalizes people for having healthcare as a kid. But the recent wage rises for low wage jobs has also hurt prospects a lot, it's now completely feasible for low iq retards to make equal to or more than enlisted grunts do while having a magnitude more freedom.

Will western militaries fall victim to equality dogma wherein they would render themselves less effective? (women in combat roles, laxing of physical requirements, hunts for "extremism" etc.)

To an extent yes but not with any units that they actively use for warfare currently. May end up being an issue if they go for an Iraq level engagement though.

Is there any benefit for a member of the dissident right to join the military despite the numerous downsides? (career advancement, skill acquisiton etc.)

Yes as mentioned above but either do it through the national guard or a 3 year contract and try your best to get into an SOF unit. SOF experience along with the GI bill can help you launch your career pretty well.

Are western militaries no longer a political column unto themselves as they were in ages past?

The US military's command structure is a lot further left than the government itself and has been since Truman at least. You could argue there is some influence in that regard. It also doesn't help that you need a college degree to become an officer here which is at least somewhat a source of that ideological shift.

With European militaries they're too starved of funds and men to really influence politics but if America wasn't looking over their shoulder some of them could probably coup pretty easily. Unlike the US military they're typically very far right politically.

Will mercenary/paramilitary groups be the working model going forward for nations wishing to still use traditional military means to achieve political goals? (Wagner Group, Blackwater etc.)

Where appropriate yes but they're not as broadly used as you think.

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I appreciate the response, I agree with pretty much all your points. Your observation on the political leanings of the American military vs European militaries is interesting however, granted I've only experience with the former. I'm curious as to what makes you believe that some of them "could probably coup pretty easily" (without America of course)

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Taking the example of Germany, typically the average left wing populace in Europe is uninterested in military or security jobs, leaving them wide open for infiltration. If those organizations that have been infiltrated had no threat of American troops or air/missile strikes, there would be little in their way for regime change. Idk if the situation elsewhere in Europe is quite as extreme as Germany or Ukraine in this regard but it seems similar based on comments the troops make.

granted I've only experience with the former

How's your time with them been?

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typically the average left wing populace in Europe is uninterested in military or security jobs

Makes sense

How's your time with them been?

Ever been in an abusive relationship? Haha

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Ever been in an abusive relationship?

sounds like I'd be right at home

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Biden's open border policy will take care of this little problem.

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The European countries that still have the draft can't send draftees abroad. For example here in Sweden drafted troops can only be used in total war in the country. It doesn't really strengthen the system that much and it gives large numbers of young men excellent training. Discipline, life experience, something to put on your resume, fitness and a highly masculine environment is great for young men.

Drafting men to send to Vietnam or worse to Taiwan is awful and would be something I am opposed to. If you have the opportunity to join without having to fight in some stupid war then go for it. Just make sure you don't end up having to fight for the system.

The left has had no problem joining all sorts of organizations and slowly subverting them. Isolating yourself because things aren't based enough isn't a winning tactic. Join things even if they aren't perfect as long as you don't have to do dirty work.