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Jewry has been aggressively pressuring the Germans specifically to give these tanks to Ukraine. Probably behind the scenes at first, and then publicly using their media now that its obvious the Russians are about to bum rush the Ukrainians in a major offensive.

As has been said by many people, the Germans have been almost as much a target of this ukraine proxy war as the Russians. (((The media))) was literally running headlines stating if Ukraine loses the war it would all be Germany’s fault.

Now of course this makes Germany a target of the Russians, which is the goal. But remember goyim, Israel is neutral and totally not picking sides so when the nukes fly leave them alone! Israel is everyones friend goy and we would never play sides against each other. That would be an antisemitic trope you Nazis(as in bad nazis, not the good Ukrainian nazis).

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For real? They are trolling knowing the obvious Ukrainian Nazi connection.

I hope they dump the best and the most advanced weaponry to Ukraine and see what happens when the war ends and all those people drunk on nazi koolaid and drunk on victory start adapting to peacetime. Fun times.

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The leaders of the German government have to be compromised to be going along with this. Justin Trudeau's brother said it goes on all the time. They are coerced into a sexual encounter which is videotaped and used to blackmail them into compliance.

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“We’re seeing yet again that Germany, as well as its closest allies, is not interested in a diplomatic resolution of the Ukraine crisis. it is determined to permanently escalate it and to indefinitely pump the Kyiv regime full of new lethal weapons,” the statement read.

These comments are stupid.

The war has been raging for almost 12 months now. Is the new goal to keep fighting for decades while the West resupplies their enemy?

They learned nothing from the past Afghanistan conflict if that's the case.