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What they're going off of is that since the officers are black, they still held biases as part of a WS system or they were dismissed/charged faster than white officers, such as Chauvin & co. To challenge this I don't know the stats, but the former could be explained with police brutality numbers.

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Are we officially full circle from Rodney King now? lol

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After Kanye West/Ye used his wealth to try and bring the national conversation around Jews, what excuse do these other Billionaires have for letting this current nightmare continue?

Ye is a special case where he lost his family and also had the negro brazenness to lose all of his wealth to speak the truth. And in the end idt it'll have much long term impact when everything he does and says now is only reaching a few thousand people in an uncensored state. I hope he makes an album or something because that's the only way to immortalize it.

Most billionaires will endlessly kneel towards the System in exchange for the opportunity to live the way they do. SBF laid it bare in an interview, all you have to do is say the right woke shit on VC calls and all of a sudden you're a billionaire. Who is willing to part ways from that level of power and lavishness other than a mentally ill nigger? Very few people are genuinely self sacrificing like that anymore, you don't get rich by self-sacrifice.

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It's all part of a plan to utterly destroy the USA...