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Look, I know this relating to a less than important issue. And it would be hard to even produce a data point on it.

Actually, it is on record. The NFL once had a test called the Wonderlic that scored players for their intelligence.

As you can imagine, it was called "racist" when Black players were at the bottom...

Also, that's not even the worst part. The NFL even knew about racial differences in intelligence and used it to try and protect Black players. But of course, real science and facts were thrown out the window to make room for feelings instead.

Several retired players sued the league over brain injuries they claim they suffered on the field. Before 2021, the NFL assumed black players, on average, had lower IQs to begin with, so they had to show lower current intelligence-test results than whites to qualify for compensation payments. A lawsuit by black players forced the league to change this policy, and the standards for payouts are the same for everyone. It’s not clear why the NFL did not compare every retired player’s Wonderlic score to his draft score and then make an award to those who showed a drop over a certain threshold.