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We'll need more data to be sure, but this doesn't look good.

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Global birth rates have been falling since the 1960s.

Given that inoculation has existed since the days of George Washington, I'm going to have to label this one under "correlation does not imply causation".

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Except for the fact that the vaccines have already been literally used as sterilization weapons like RFK has shown...

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There's just no consistency for this.

Take the Aboriginal Canadians for instance. There's no other place on Earth to actually import them, and yet their population has grown in recent years.

The faster growth of the Indigenous population is generally attributed to higher birth rates, combined with changes in the way respondents answer the census questionnaire from one census to the next. In general, respondents have become more likely to identify as Indigenous over time. The reasons people are more likely to identify as Indigenous may be related to social factors and external factors, such as changes to legislation or court rulings. Also, past findings have highlighted a connection between having both Indigenous and non-Indigenous ancestry and response mobility.

Edit: To be fair, there could also be grifters who take advantage and claim to be a Native Indian. But that's another topic.

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Wouldn't it be good for the dissident right long term?

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Demographics of vaxx takers vs refusers

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Not much.

Countries like Canada show that nearly 1/4th of their population is entirely made up of immigrants/new comers. They might have less children, but the government will just import their families from the 3rd world to balance it.

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I'm pretty sure that the folks who haven't figured out what's happening are already beyond hope.

People were dropping dead in the vaccination centers, and people sat and watched. And stayed in line and got their injection.

The damage is done, and all we can do is wait, and bear witness.

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When they say there is no correlation with infection they are lying.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus binds to ACE-2 receptors so the mainstream propaganda would have you believe therefore that makes it a lung issue.

While it is true ACE-2 is expressed in lung tissue, ACE-2 is also expressed in many other major organs all over the body including the reproductive system of both males and females.

In the female reproductive system ACE-2 is expressed in the vagina, the uterus, the ovaries, in oocytes.

In the male reproductive system ACE-2 is expressed in the seminiferous ducts and laydig cells in the testis.

Clearly infection by SARS-CoV-2 would therefore be expected to affect the human reproductive system and this has been verified below.

Analysis of Ovarian Injury Associated With COVID-19 Disease in Reproductive-Aged Women in Wuhan, China: An Observational Study

COVID-19 invades the testes of some men infected with SARS-CoV-2

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The SARS-CoV-2 virus binds to ACE-2 receptors

Thanks for the bullshit narrative update. COVID is a cold.

It's 2023. Nobody believes that nonsense.

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You've said it. There's just so much bullshit and data manipulation coming from the CDC and the groups involved you would have to be very naive to believe in the virus boogeyman.

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The spike from the jab also collects in the gamets, so

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