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Well they are covering it, just not in a fair and objective manner

What you see is the left-wing sources like NBC not put his ethnic mugshot in the articles or mention his race, while the right wing sources do.

Also, it probably wont make the front page, but thats because it didn't involve a gun. If it did I assure you theyd be all over it

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The media agenda is to create chaos, discontent, and frustration wherever and whenever possible for blacks, whites, everybody.

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No. Why does it only go one way? It's always anti-White. This is the problem with people who are just anti-SJW. You don't know what's going on or why.

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Talking to anti-woke, classical liberal types who think “identity politics is out to divide us, man!” is like smashing your face over & over against a brick wall. I’d rather argue with leftists any day. I’ll take a clear enemy over these children.

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Are you calling me a "classical liberal type"? That is something up with which I will not put.

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Actually no. I have no idea what your political affiliation is. EuropeanAwakening mentioned “anti-SJW types” & I went off on a rant, sorry.

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He's probably a shill that's promoting the race war.

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If you want to see black on white violence get covered you'll have to turn to pornhub bro

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Does anyone legit not know the answer to this question?

This and the racial incitement against whites that precedes it is a direct result of Jewish media control.

If someone has a better theory explaining the medias behavior I’d like to see it. This was the issue that initially red pilled me to begin with.

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The media only ever covers what they want to promote.

Racial violence is trivial in comparison to the suicide-by-"vaccination" they aggressively promoted.

Everyone agrees that the media is lying.

Many more people of every demographic are affected by the scamdemic.

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Someone should ask those "white" guys who own the media.