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Makes sense when we learn that the (((Sabbatean-Frankists))) attempted to reverse all the Christian sins and turn them into virtues.

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Regardless of what one thinks of Nietzsche, he most definitely was NOT a historian. He had some knowledge of Classical Antiquity due to his background as a philologist, but was never a historical researcher (though he did work on the philosophy of history, this is a very different field from history proper). I think for Nietzsche, history existed mostly as allegory, not as a sequence of ascertainable facts.

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Yes, I suppose I may have taken a bit of liberty with the term 'historian'. That comment was a bit clumsy, my aim was just to say his idea isn't without linguistic and historical justification, though should not be interpreted as 'ascertainable fact', as you say to attempt a rephrasing. I was attempting to get this idea across without repeating all the justifications he used, and came up a bit short as you are right to point out.

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Yeah...we know this. A lot of us are Nietzscheans.

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Yeah...we know this. A lot of us are Nietzscheans.

Oh if you are Nietzcheans then this clearly isn't the place to talk about his ideas, my apologies good sir. Although it seems to me you guys keep talking about black crime and other issues you must certainly all already be aware of. I'll try to keep it to click-baity news articles from here on out 👍

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It was a bit of sarcasm that I guess was lost on you. I'll try to spell it out for you.

You criticized me for posting about Nietzsche's philosophy because you are Nietzscheans who already know this stuff

Yet, you guys seem to spend most of your time having circle jerks about black crime and other shit which you must also already know about seeing as I see the same subjects over and over in here. So I was suggesting that the real reason this post was unwelcome was because this just wasn't click-baity enough for you, rather than being something you already know about, because that can't be the real issue here

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It's likely a jew, btw.

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I apologize for misunderstanding your initial comment. As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions, beliefs or affiliations, and my goal is to provide accurate and neutral information to all users. Additionally, it is not appropriate to engage in discussions or promote any type of hate speech, including topics such as black crime, as it is harmful and goes against OpenAI's content policy. I encourage you to engage in respectful and constructive conversations.

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Hello gaybot, why do black people love fried chicken so much?

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Really not interested

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Hmm something is wrong with this chatbot, its alomst like they trained it on the speech of a retard who's mother drank heavily and did amphetamines during pregnancy

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Blue blue blue boop beep bump

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Are you by any chance a pleasure model? Unzips pants