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They want to make negative statements about judaism illegal and also make christianity illegal. This is one of their attempts to start the slippery slope of doing that.

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Catholic churches are stone fortresses for a reason. We need to remember why.

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Catholics have taken up arms against anti-Christian states before, even on the North American Continent.

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So whatever happened to all these investigations into Merrick Garfinkle weaponizing the justice department the GOP was supposed to launch when they won congress? Doesnt sound like Garfinkle's too worried to me. He knows the GOP is nearly as controlled as the Dems and Mccarthy is a loyal shabbos goy who will never launch any meaningful investigations, which is why they couldn't get rid of him.

Instead we get the GOP playing the same role in the kosher sandwich they always do, going after critics of Israel, supporting neocon warmongering, lowering taxes and regulations on their Jewish donors, and distracting people with the same irrelevant sideshow bullshit.

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FBI has been taken over by traitors.

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FBI is more focused on Christians and "Christian Groypers" than Black crime in America. This country is a joke