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Not ideal but a step in the right direction.

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Anything other than natural inseminiation and a mother and a father in the house and role of the child should be avoided

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I think a lot of men underestimate the difference in taking the mother's role as parent (primary caregiver) rather than the father's. You basically have to spend the first 2 years of a child's life syncing with the baby and teaching it to communicate not just language but body language and emotions. You can't be a fully independent person with that responsibility.

The stats for single fathers don't really show the whole picture because the vast majority of those kids will have had their mother for the crucial first few years of life and only separated from her when they are older.

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You can't be a fully independent person with that responsibility.

Agreed, this is something that's only really accessible if you have the nest egg/passive income to support yourself without working. Can be made easier if you had your mother, gf (unrelated to the child), or a nanny to help. Tbh idk if the lifetime costs of donor>surrogate>wet nurse>tutor would be that much more than that of dating>marriage>pregnancy>child rearing>potential divorce. It's almost like if you get rich you can fully subcontract out the functions of woman to reduce the risk of keeping all of those eggs in one basket so to speak.

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    This is basically where things are already heading imo. Not just surrogacy but CRISPR and artificial wombs as well, although I think “character creation” (customization of ideal genetic traits) will remain the exclusive preserve of a select few wealthy elites for the foreseeable future.

    I think artificial wombs and CRISPR are at least a century of progress at the current rate to being safe/effective to use in humans imo. But the severing of the connection between sex/family and reproduction is pretty much complete. Which I think is eugenic long term yet also gives much more power to the System. Double edged sword.

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    Ah sweet man made horrors beyond comprehension