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You get as much information as you can, assess the information, synthesize it, and then come to a conclusion. While I don't particularly care to argue about the details, much of the primary story and causal factors preceding WW2 have been omitted from history class. I do recommend informing yourself on this period.

For instance, do you know what lead to the creation and rise of the Nazi party? Did you learn in school that post-WW1, communists in Germany started a civil war à la the Bolshevik revolution with the goal of establishing communism in Germany? Did you know that most of the leaders were Jewish and that Jews made up a large proportion of the leadership of such communist organizations?

German revolution

Here's a podcast detailing the consequences that many suffered under the Bolsheviks

Similar thing occurred in Spain, where they burned priests and nuns alive.

Atrocity propaganda against Germany was used in WW1, where allies made up a story about Germans crucifying a Canadian soldier

Three times they gassed me

Herman Rosenblat, 85, Dies; Made Up Holocaust Love Story

Anne Frank's step-sister and Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss claims photos of the Soviet liberation of Auschwitz are FAKE because soldiers hadn't brought cameras and were taken at other camps

Man who claimed to have escaped Auschwitz admits he lied for years

He Was a Prominent Holocaust Survivor. But His Story Was a Hoax.

Florida man who forgave camp guard may have lied about being Holocaust survivor

Curved shotgun suicide

Big compilation of screenshots from books

Other compilation, probably has duplicates

Third compilation

Fourth compilation

Skeet shooting with babies

Auschwitz Ninja warrior room of knives where the final challenge is an acid bath

Masturbation machines and holocauster

Walked out of gas chamber alive

Fourth luckiest survivor escaped because they ran out of gas

Third luckiest survivor escaped six camps

Second luckiest man in the world survives eight death camps

Luckiest man alive survived 11 death camps and three gas chamber visits

Number 201 couldn't fit into room for 200

Moonwalked out of the gas chamber

Inflating prisoners with air pumps

Escaped poisonous dogs Racoon city

Electric floor

Born in Auschwitz

Alternative reading on the forced starvation and death of millions of Germans post-WW2, Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans after World War II

Other book on same topic, After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation

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The Russian Empire brutally repressed its national and religious minorities (with a handful of exceptions that were too useful to stomp on) during the second half of the 19th century.

Those minorities then had very good reasons to become republican, communist, or ethnic nationalist revolutionaries.

They also stomped on republican and socialist movements generally irrespective of ethnicity or religion. The later Romanov Tsars were all-in on the absolute rule of the monarchy and nobility train, not least because of the influence of the Baltic German court cliques who wielded outsized influence in the imperial political and military establishment- and turned said influence towards preserving the system that got them said outsized influence.

Basically, pretty much everyone outside it and even some of the nobility agreed by 1917 that the Tsar had to go and the absolute rule of the Romanovs had to end. If you wanted a Russian Republic, a dictatorship of the proletariat, anything in between, or simply for your people to not be treated like shit and forcibly 'Russianized', you were going to support the end of Tsar Nicholas' rule.

And of course, the Bolsheviks kinda institutionalized a rejection of religion as a general thing after toppling the Kerensky government unless it became expedient to kinda-sorta-but-not-really tolerate it (see: Stalin suddenly realizing the Russian Orthodox church could be politically useful when the Nazis invaded).

After Lenin- who wanted all religions ended- came Stalin, who was explicitly and unequivocally an antisemite despite claiming to despise all religions equally.

Antisemitism in the Soviet period was also very prevalent during the Brezhnev years.

This is all pretty exhaustively documented. We have the receipts. It wasn't until 1981 that a Soviet leader- Brezhnev himself- was even willing to openly condemn institutionalized antisemitism in the USSR, and even then it was because the Soviet leadership had finally realized that altering the way they did things generally was necessary. The Soviet Union wasn't going to survive without some degree of reform. Reducing the amount of outrageous discrimination against Jews was part of a much larger picture.

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None of that changes the fact of massive Jewish over representation in the Russian Revolution. Nice try, though.

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Where is the source for that?Literally every time this is bought up, it's always lenin and trotsky(Who got exiled by stalin.A non jew)or that other guy.Literally how would anyone know the ethnicity of anyone if jews would of hid it?Btw none of this changes the fact that the tsar destroyed his country and the people had a reason to revolt.

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What book is that curved gun story from?

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What you said about someone editing it to mock the other stories seems likely. I have only seen that same picture with the text and Tom cartoon.

That curved gun story is still more reliable than the bear and eagle nonsense lol. I don't even think bears eat humans on a daily basis.

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why should one trust sources that have a nazi bias?

because they look cooler

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If we shouldn't trust the mainstream narrative because it's jewish propaganda, why should one trust sources that have a nazi bias?

The word "Nazi" has lost all meaning, because it's used by mainstream opponents to dismiss all criticism or alternate viewpoints.

I read every source I can, look at the arguments and evidence, weight them and come to my own conclusion. That's unironically, how the world should work. If Hitler said 1 + 1 = 2, no one should care what his beliefs are if he's still stating a fact...

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Ok but what if i read every source and concluded the holocaust was real?Would that be the truth?

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Every news sources proclaims to be truthful. Only you can make the final judgement on whether to believe it or not and live your life accordingly.

It's like religion. I can't say for 100% which belief system is right. Every Holy Book says they have the answers and all the others are wrong. Who tells the truth in this instance? We wont really know until we die...

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Your internal conclusions do not equal an external, persistent truth, no.

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Not really.This website does a good job explaining and debunking deniers points.

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The word Nazi has been propagandaized, the acual nazis are the Jews and the government. The first nazis were great people, the winners of war write the history books, they tell you want they want you to hear. Do you trust the u.s. government to tell you the truth?

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I thought the jews were communist/greedy capitalists not nazis?

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You don't have to trust the nazis.

You are jewish though, right?

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Asking general questions about whether or not i should trust sources that happened to love hitler ≠ jewish.Jesus, stop acting like jews are everywhere online and think about world domination.

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Lol. Jewish fragility on display all over this thread. Jews are the ruling class of American society. It's pretty simple to understand.

Listen, I've read all your comments. You don't really know much about White Nationalism or National Socialism. You actually think we get upset about people taking "Jesus' name in vain" and that we would declare that White genocide. lmao. That right there immediately tells me you don't know anything about us. Back to the drawing board, bub.

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I think he's young and exploring. Don't bite.

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Ask yourself why he didn't reply that he wasn't jewish.

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I'm not but that wont stop you from believing that i am because you've deluded yourself into believing anyone who questions your beliefs or criticizes them is"Jews are out to get me!"

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No, I believe you

You can read these guides:

Regardless of your beliefs, they're interesting reads. I haven't read it all and don't agree with much of what is stated but it is interesting to me anyway

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Why are you uncomfortable with criticism of Jews? Are you uncomfortable with conspiracy theories about "white supremacy" controlling everything?

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It's not criticism of jews but moreso believing in a conspiracy that they're all behind the great replacement and white genocide.It literally leads to shit like"The holocaust was a hoax and jews did everything bad that white people have been accused of to make whites look bad"It sounds like y'all just want to nazism to be see as good again and hate jews rather than saving the white race.

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You didn't answer the question. You are jewish though, right?

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You're referring to a stunt HandsomeTruth of the GDL did at a city council meeting. It was during public comment. He read from his fliers which merely state a topic and list off the Jewish figures in positions of authority relevant to that topic. The information is accurate. He played as a Jewish homosexual as a bit of satire to demonstrate that the people in the room, all of whom likely view themselves as informed, civically-engaged citizens, are sheep who respond primarily to superficial signals. And he was correct! The let him go over time to complete his rhetoric and applauded him as he left the podium.

You are invited to research the information on the fliers yourself.

I don't know who told you that you must uncritically believe everything presented to you by a rightwinger. I certainly wouldn't and I am a rightwinger. Rightwing dissident communities certainly do have blindspots and confirmation bias.

It sounds as if it's more like you've only recently been exposed to non-mainstream viewpoints and you're mad as if you were almost done with your schoolwork when the teacher came to you and assigned you a ton more.

I'll tell you only that you don't have to do any of the "schoolwork" of trying to comprehend politics, history and philosophy. Most people get by knowing only bullshit about celebrities, fashion and football. Also, you'll be much safer and contented if you chose to learn and believe only what the system which wields power tell you and require you to believe. Pursuing the truth is an elective.

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Not really.It just made him look like a jackass that hates jews by portraying a stereotype of what he thinks they are.If he really wanted to get his point across he'd try to convince people by not using websites like goyim. tv etc.That's like using 911hoax . com.Also why does he love nazism and hitler?Even if you believe the holocaust was fake, it still doesn't paint hitler as a hero who wanted to save europe by invading several countries because he believed everyone was controlled by jews.

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You shouldn't.

You should read what they say and look into it yourself.

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This really makes me think sometimes, one of the reasons we have few researchers on our side. I'm not sure how they are being ostracized if they accurately make alt-right conclusions.