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🤦‍♂️ Non sequitur, the conclusion does not follow from the premise. You would need more data to make a valid mathematical inference

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We need to remove the mudsharks and discourage all white women from finding non-white men to be attractive. Perhaps re-education camps would be a good start.

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Good luck with that bro. Tyrones are up there with chad when it comes to slaying white women.

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As a black dude i thought the number would be higher to be honest. Only tyrones seem to be able to pull one hot white chick after another.

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Shut up, nigger.

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That guy's a strange one. He almost never comments except where a post or comment of this nature is made, at which point he is almost absolutely guaranteed to comment.

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You clowns in the comments section should be ashamed of yourself.

Stop perpetuating that tired old 'black studs!' meme that is peddled by Jews. If you hear the BBC and think of black dicks instead of the British Broadcasting Corporation, then you are part of the problem.

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This info comes as no surprise to anyone who has spent time in the manosphere. We all know that the (modern) sexual marketplace follows the Pareto principle. I.E., that 80% of the women chase after 20% of the men.

This is especially true with the blacks, since they are the least monogamous of all the races. Black women are morons who chase after gang bangers, drug dealers, and thugs. Thats why most of them end up as single moms.

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Negresses would be more pitiful than currycels if they weren't moon crickets. The culture idolizes thuggery and hedonism, yet as uppity your typical sheeboon will be she'll still fuck any buck she can get her thick fingers on, regardless if they beat her to near death or leave her with a child for prison or some other negress. Mostly because they don't want to be lonely. This is true for young adults and for working negresses alike.