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Based Karen.

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Sad that black activists are more upset she said this than they are about all the black people being murdered.

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Sad that black activists are more upset she said this than they are about all the black people being murdered.

They never cared.

Look at the slave trade. It was literally African Kings who got rich from capturing and selling tribes, yet they were never blamed or told to pay reparations.

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Abortion destroys black babies. Who supports the abortion party the most?

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They are "activists" that may be "black", but what they are activists for other than filling their pockets with the money given for their grifting by white self-loathers, I don't know.

"Uh oh, a white person said 'nigger' to express that our race is fine with killing ourselves over sneakers! Time to ruin the life of this woman just so we don't lose our power over the whites by worship us! We can't admit that we are dysfunctional because eternal victimhood keeps the money rolling in and any one who expects Africans to take esponsibility for our actions that hurt ourselves and others is bad for business!"

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Did she say this in private or on air?

Either way, I think this is pretty foolish, she should know what the social consequences of using that word are and now she's given our enemies a propaganda victory and fucked over her career and her family for basically nothing. She could have talked about the crime rates, challenged the narrative that Whites are exclusively responsible for the modern African Americans situation etc. Things of proper value, maybe she still would have gotten sacked however she basically fucked herself in the worst way. If she said this in a heat of the moment, I hope it will be a lesson for any Whites to watch your temperment and think as hard as you can before you act.

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In private to a colleague

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Someone ratted on her? Fuck that shit.