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but Christianity which murdered 100 million Native Americans is socially acceptable?

Source for this?

It reminds me of that retarded figure that claims "Britain stole trillions from India!" when the entire world economy never even had that much money back then.

100 million Natives sounds huge when this is the same race of people who still need White people to fix their drinking water.

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Britain stole trillions from India

Britain didn't steal a single penny from India. India had a chance to defend themvelves and they lost.

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Interestingly there are just as many nasty diseases in colonised countries which could have killed all the Europeans but after the last big plague (1665ish) that didn't really happen. So obviously there are things which could be done to prevent your people being wiped out by illness. Even in the Americans some villages were wiped out just from first contact while others they actually had to hire a guy with obviously infectious smallpox to tour round and give it to people and even then many survived. Likely this was due to lifestyle differences like whether they all lived together in one big building or in separate family units.

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Native Americans had stone age level of technology, science, and government. Their warriors were skilled, but no match for the pale faced tribe's ingenuity. It doesn't matter how well you can shoot a bow if your enemy can build a transcontinental railroad and drive a locomotive through your wigwam village. Natives didn't even have written language. The north american natives were stupid. Aztecs were also stupid, but not as bad. As far as I can tell, northern natives were almost cave men, although chaco canyon astronomy suggest there was some intelligence present at some point.

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No, this is not a serious question. You already know the answer. Stop posting this yiddish nonsense.

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Is it the same mentally ill Jew that asks these stupid child like shitpost questions, or is there an endless supply of them?

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We might never know for sure, but this sounds like a radicalfag alt.

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Very possible. There's definitely something off about him that just about everyone but the mods here have noticed.

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Because Christianity is Jewish.

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Yeah bro us ebul Chrischinz murdered 6000 billion gorillion niggers because we're mean and rayciss an shit

And anyway why would we want to preserve child-raping, human sacrificing savages and their cultures?

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Christians did kill Native Americans. But killing Native Americans isn't part of Christianity, whereas destroying the Jews is a if not the central tenant of National Socialism.

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I think you have that entirely opposite. National Socialism is about ethnic self-determination and liberty for your people. It has nothing to do with jews.

Now, jews on the other hand practice judaism which is a jewish supremacist ideology where they must enslave all of humanity and govern the world.
Natsocs simply desire self-determination. It only opposes jews insofar as jews oppose Aryan desire for self-determination.

You've got it upside-down.

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Natsoc fundamentally includes hating the Jews. Opposing Native Americans is not part of Christianity.

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Why do they hate jews?

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When did Christianity kill 100 million Natives? Do you mean only in the USA? When?

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In all of the Americas there were 100 million natives until Christianity killed them in the name of christ. Christians don't believe in leaving people alone, and preserving cultures, they will genocide "heathens" to spread their globohomo desert cult.

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Recent genetic and archaeological studies have put the total Native population of the Americas at the time of columbus closer to 1/10th that number.

You are quoting one shitlib boomer activist/professor in some bullshit social sciences field who clearly had an agenda, and who of course attracted Jewish money and media attention because like yourself, they never pass up an opportunity to stick it to white Christians, even in shit they participated in.

Not to mention the majority of the deaths that did occur happened from the spread of diseases they had no immunity too, and if were going to blame groups for shit like that then whites could permanently blame Asians for the plague that wiped out most of Europe.

Most of the world has progressed from the kind of naked ethnic cleansing that used to be routine worldwide. The only ones currently still engaging in it are Jews who are trying to do it to Europeans and Arabs, and arguably Han Chinese who have been accused of something something along those lines to Uyghurs and Tibetans, but that just might be western propaganda.

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The weegars are being contained because they created radical islamic extremist separatist movements like ETIM that threaten the peace and safety of the Han Chinese people and their nation. The chinese are just defending themselves against mooslims.

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Sure they are.

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Are you mooslim?

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Because u/Hongkongphooey said so

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Isn't it time for you to face east, get on your knees and receive muhammads penis?