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I find white people forever interesting. They went from charging frontiers and building empires to cowering before gas huffing apes.

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Comfort breeds complacency. That's why all the headlines of ("X is what evil rightwingers/White people do") can be boiled down to X as something that is challenging or requires discipline (i.e. is a form of eustress that results in positive growth).

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It's not shame, it's guilt. Which religion gave us guilt? Christianity.

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I blame Jews, we had Christianity for thousands of years.

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Christianity is Jewish.

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Bending over backwards to blame everything on "le christcucks" is just pathetic. The issue is cucked morons and the weakness that degeneracy and modernism have caused.

If Christianity was the issue, then Europe would've been destroyed in the Middle Ages, when in reality the Middle Ages were Europe's golden age in a plethora of ways. But no, Christianity defended Europe from shitskin muslims that were intent on raping and murdering their way across the continent.

Notice that only now, when atheism is practically state-enforced (solely against Christians though, mind you) in many places and the heads of state are openly Satanists and kikes, are muslims completing their societal goal of stampeding through the West raping and pillaging as their ancestors largely failed to do.

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State-enforced atheism with a Christian moral foundation. Where do you think the belief in equality comes from?

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This is utterly false. Firstly, Christianity does not say anything about all people being equal, it simply states that all are equal before God. Outside of religious matters, Christianity not only accepts but codifies social classes; There are numerous verses that encourage even slaves to be loyal to their masters and to accept their station in life, and it is stated repeatedly that Monarchy (or, depending on interpretation, dictatorships or other autocracies as well) are the correct form of leadership and that those in such positions are either outright chosen by God or are at least held to their responsibility by Him. That's literally the basis for the Divine Right of Kings that kept Europe at the forefront of the world until very recently. This is to say nothing of the very clear delineations between man and woman and their respective duties.

In fact, what you state is actually the opposite of reality. Democracy, universal equality and equity, etc. are Satanist, Enlightenment ideas that are spread and enforced by atheists, pagans, and satanists. The only even tentative links you could draw to Christianity from these ideals is by pointing to the Gnostics and Deists who often claim to be Christian or are said to be linked to Christianity but, in fact, much like Jews, there is no similarity whatsoever to Christianity in their beliefs, which line up theologically most congruently with Satanism in its more direct forms.

And since I know it will likely come up later, I'll take the time to pre-emptively shoot down the "Christianity is Judaism" argument or any variations thereof. The first and most obvious fact that should immediately shoot this down are the glaring and obvious diametric oppositions between judaism and Christianity: Christians are taught to maturely forgive our enemies (not to let them win, mind you, but simply not to hold unproductive grudges, especially over small things), whereas the Jew uses any and all slights, no matter how minor, to justify any and all hatred and atrocity ad infinitum. Jews literally believe that Christ is boiling in Hell for daring to contradict their masturbatory racial ego, if that doesn't tell you what the relationship between Christianity and Judaism is, then I don't know what will. Perhaps keep in mind that every Jew despises Christians and they publicly announce this regularly. Furthermore, I must reiterate that the modern Jew is racially completely separate from the Biblical Jews. While I wouldn't necessarily the Biblical Jews of the Old Testament where "White", they were certainly distinct from the genetic rejects we know and hate today. If I were to guess, I would say they were likely a distinct ethnic group similar to Copts or Armenians. This is all ignoring the fact that even if the modern jew and the Real Biblical Jews were one in the same, Old Testament Judaism and Christianity are still very, very different and very separate, and purposefully so, so the point is mostly moot anyway.

tl;dr: You have it basically completely inverted, and not only that, but your common assertion that Christianity and Judaism are in any way meaningfully related is wrong for a plethora of reasons.

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Christianity does not say monarchy is the proper form of government. In fact according to the book of Samuel, God only allowed them to have a king, and gave them one because they demanded one, but warned that it wasn't a good idea. The king was to be closely monitored and under stricter laws, and chosen by God. Even that didn't work, because time and time again they were still hopelessly corrupt. Even Solomon, who was said to be the wisest man on Earth like Socrates, didn't use his wisdom when he thought he could get away with things.

That's the Old Testament. The New Testament seems to oppose the material world itself.

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Let me also say that if you think all these social classes are codified, you must be reading only every other verse of Colossians 3. The full picture is: treat each other as equals, but without offending the culture and thereby disturbing the peace and painting a negative picture of Christians in outsiders' minds. And turn the other cheek to corrupt authority, and render unto Ceasar. That doesn't make their authority rightful, nor their culture, rather you are pleasing all people in all things whenever it is not wrong to do so, both to be good to them and to hopefully save them.

Don't even try using Old Testament laws. They are a compromise with Israel. Jewish law allows divorce, but it is still wrong. Likewise it may also allow certain forms of slavery and revenge that fits the crime, but that does not mean those things are right either. Not only that, but according to the prophets many of those laws were both not good and unkeepable in the first place, and the writings were later corrupted by scribes on top of that. That explains why all the patriarchs are completely unaware of so many laws, because they were actually forged after their time. It also explains why the books of Moses and "history" books have such different ethics than the New Testament, prophets, and wisdom writings.