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I second Nombre's stance. Although something like autism that is increasing every decade would be seriously looked into. I would also put a ban on downs marriages.

3 suspicions I have for autism

  1. Tylenol usage.

  2. Vaccine and Vaccine quantity.

  3. Older couples having kids.

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Isn't autism mostly increasing every year because autism testing has gotten better? I think the smaller part is because of the factors you mentioned.

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It's also "increasing" because so many tumblr girls want anything that could make them a special little ❄️.

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3 suspicions I have for autism

One hypothesis I came across was that autism is a physiological adaptation to excessive information, so the brain just chooses to shut out certain stimuli. Not sure if this could be induced in an animal model.

Just like with many complex diseases (i.e. ones that we have currently a weak understanding of), I think conditions with similar symptoms are likely being conflated. The consequence of this is that you get too much heterogeneity in data, and are unable to find the relevant patterns and information.

Regarding the older couples having kids, there seems to be some associations with the father's age. The questions are why and how (mechanism?).

Didn't know that about acetaminophen (Tylenol). Weird. Same thing, what's the mechanism?

In May 2021, a study published in the European Journal of Epidemiology found that children exposed to acetaminophen before birth were 19% more likely to develop autism and 21% more likely to show signs of ADHD.

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I also just heard about the Tylenol link. I guess Tylenol should be banned.

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I watched a lecture years ago about a guy that goes into it. He had solid empirical evidence and was very convincing. I can't really remember the mechanism. Something about the pharmaceutical companies not knowing exactly how acetaminophen works on the brain. I'll share it out if I find it.


Found it!

Looks like there's also been some recent lawsuits.

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Call me a bleeding heart, but I think if we stopped giving tons of welfare benefits to people that actually have the ability to better themselves the issue of providing for people who are actually disadvantaged by virtue of their birth would be moot.

In totality these people are still a vast minority of the population.

Also, not denying that someone can have a legitimate mental handicap, but I speculate that a lot of "Autism" (now on a wide spectrum) is caused by the social dysfunctions inherent to modernity and incredibly poor parenting/family structures which have become the norm.

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How is autism just a symptom of today's society, like how does a child buckle to bad parenting and the problems of the world around them? I'm not really sure what peoples' thoughts on the disorder here really are, especially consiering the "acceptance" narrative going on now.

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Children are being exposed to technology at increasingly younger ages. Suicide rates have gone up among the young, social media usage and screen time have a direct correlation on reported happiness/suicidal thoughts. It's not a far stretch to think that behavioral issues that effect social interaction are also being caused by this.

If you want some depressing reads go on r/teachers and read some posts, even the most liberal of public school teachers sound like luddites the way they talk about how many of their kids are lacking in fine motor skills and displaying anti-social behaviors in elementary school.

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    What does that mean?

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      And Jesus bought us back, so that we can have freedom and immortality.

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      We have such excess that such a thing isn't necessary.

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      Excess of what? If aborting down syndrome babies even slightly helps the nation, I support it.

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      The question should be whether it helps those babies, not what it does for an imaginary collectivist construct that doesn't truly exist.

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      Generally yes - maybe excepting the case of autism if we could somehow tell it wasnt going to be severe beforehand

      A disabled child requires a lot of care and resources, which reduces the resources the family has for any other children and reduces the liklihood of the parents having another healthy child or two. If the tradeoff if is 1) A lifetime of caring for one disabled child (who will never be self-sufficient) or 2) One abortion, and two healthy children later then that is a trade off definitely worth making IMO

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      I completely agree with this. This is also my logic because it is better to have more and healthy kids.

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      "Mild" autism might be even worse. Because you're stuck in the middle where life is hell and you can't function normally, but you don't clearly come off as disabled so no one cares and you can't get any support. In fact they often condemn you as a bad person and torment you even further, not believing that you aren't doing things on purpose, even if they are supposedly aware that you struggle with those things and can't control that, they always see it as an excuse in specific situations. And it doesn't help that so many tumblr kids really are faking it now.

      Not only that, but it usually comes with an unusually high intellect. Whether that's true intelligence or merely willingness to not act like an NPC I don't know, but either way it vastly increases the risk of learning way too much about the sorry state of the world and reality. I don't think the human mind is designed to handle the truth, so when we learn it it makes us desperate to end our lives, as it's the only means of escape. Mere everyday life, and a very blessed one at that, has turned this once happy, joyful kid into a hopeless dreary mess who's constantly angry at the universe and hates life. I can't cope and it's too easy to disintegrate any denial I manage to have. Denial is the only way people can cope with life. We hate "pessimists" because they are realists who shake our cozy rose-colored delusion of a good world. Without that we are all miserable.

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      I think everyone, both me and you, would be better off if I had never been born. Provided that someone else could take my place, because I've brought a lot of people joy, but I think another could do it better. But I am very much in the minority. Even if I weren't, how can you ever be sure that an unborn baby has a mental condition? They don't have a physical test for full-grown adults, let alone a fetus deep inside a womb. And does that also justify suicide after birth? I also think the devil traps people in this crappy world by making it virtually impossible to avoid doing bad things, ensuring everyone has bad "karma" and making our only hope a higher being paying a ransom for us. Many do not even question the process, or do not even need to be coerced with guilt, because they fall for things like "earth is where you learn things" (even though that's useless when you can't remember any of the things you learned) and "you have a mission for the greater good", or even fail to see what's so bad about the world. If we abort someone to put them out of their misery, the devil will just send them back to a similar situation.