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They think that by supporting zionism they are lending support to Israel in the battle of Armageddon. Clearly they are misguided and often just plain ignorant. Zionists and zionist poiticians have even toured the South of the US to drum up supporters

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Why are they so afraid of the end times? Jesus coming back should bring them joy.

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I can't imagine what they're thinking. I saw an interview with one who had been listening to the Zionists talk and he said if Israel won he would get to heaven faster. That is thinking I cannot understand. I think they are not afraid of the end of times but just want to get it over so they can roll around heaven all day.

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Some might. Most though are freaking out about "judgement day" and desperately trying to get everyone to not "sin" so we can delay the second coming. They see it as a bad thing, which to me indicates that they love the world and don't want it to end. Though I suppose I wouldn't want their fire and brimstone Jesus to come either.

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Relgion and ignorance like this will, we hope, fade quickly. It's tempting to just ban all religion but doing that would only make matters worse. It's better to just wait for their sky gods to die out over the next few generations. How many conflicts could be prevented if we had no religion?

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Don't be silly. If gods die out, people will just find other things to fight about. Indeed they already are: the culture wars.

You also can't ban religion. That's unbelievably authoritarian and even communism didn't go quite that far.

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Religions like Jehovah's Witnesses are banned in Russia and China but the followers still practice in secret.

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Some are, but the mainstream religions usually aren't. The communist party wants to ban them, but they know even they can't get away with that. However religion is still effectively banned, because they make arbitrary laws and target religious people for violating them.

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I know some JWs and they are quite chill, not trying to push it on others unless the others are interested. Many of them go abroad too.

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There's actually quite a few hardcore Christians who are pro-Palestine. Pastor Steven Anderson is one notable example who I'm familiar with.

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Steven Anderson is a hardcore false flag agent. He's literally an atheist leftist's strawman of a Christian, obsessed with sending all the gays and men who pee sitting down to hell.

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Supporting either side is retarded, and you know that.

One side are shitskin muslims that rape kids and murder Whites and the other side are filthy kikes that rape EVEN MORE kids and murder EVEN MORE Whites.

Shill please go

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FWIW as a "TradCath" anyone who supports Israel (especially after seeing how they treat the Christian minority in Israel and the Palestinian territories) is retarded. There are many voices in the Traditional Catholic community who aren't afraid to speak out against Zionism and Judaism in general (Bishop Williamson and more adjacently E. Michael Jones). I'd classify LifeSite as "alt-lite Catholicism" in terms of where they lie on the internal Catholic spectrum.

The Jews lost their mandate as God's only chosen people the moment the veil of the temple tore in two at the moment of Christ's death. This doesn't even scratch the surface of the historical reality of Zionism and the political situation in the region of Palestine over the 20th century.

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The Jews were never God's only chosen people. No one prior to Moses was Jewish, which includes many of Judaism's most important figures, such as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

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the genocide of the Palestinian people

why would a non-arab give a shit? misplaced empathy. hell even arab countries don't care anymore

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habibi listen everytime you niggas score a W on the kikes I'm definitely cheering on but I'm not gonna shed a tear when the reverse happens it's not worth caring about

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    A quick read of Isaiah 60 seems like it's more of a "last shall be first" thing than Jewish supremacy. Romans 3:2-9a is obviously an interpolation.

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    Your question, being based on a false premise, is unanswerable

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    Because just like 99.99% of humanity, they don't have any worldview beyond "do and think whatever everyone else is my tribe is". So by luring them in with issues such as abortion, politicans can easily manipulate them to their advantage.

    But I disagree that Jews cannot be Christians. There have been many Jews both converted or born into Christianity, including the vast majority of the earliest believers and Christ himself. Paul also, who is often mocked as some kind of anti-Jew because of his distaste for legalism and acceptance of goyim, was Jewish. It has even been suggested by a few that Marcion was Jewish. These days even religious Jews generally have a positive view of Jesus, putting most of the blame for Christianity on Paul instead. And apparently Jews believe that gentiles can experience God indirectly through other religions, so by their theology even the Christian religion isn't a bad thing for non-Jews. In fact it sure beats most of the world being pagans who hate all monotheists.