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This is obnoxious, childish bullshit and accomplishes absolutely nothing other than giving our enemies political fuel and allowing them to continue to demonize our cause . Does he honestly think this shit accomplishes anything? All he did was make himself look like a creepy retard and honestly well done to the White man who stepped in and took his attention, reducing the anti White propaganda value this clip would have if he just continually harassed the Black man. There are other areas to debate this and more constructive action he could have taken than this childish bs.

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Notice, no one in the video looks intimidated at all, not even the girl.

That gives to some idea of what this guy must look like irl.

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Exactly right.

Now we have to spend time saying “hey fuck this guy”, when we could be talking about real issues.

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Lol @ the man's reaction to being asked if he is a jew Lmao @ the girl claiming that race mixing is good because she is a scientist.

Personally, I am against anyone that randomly harassing others in public. The fact that the girl is a Jew just shows how stupid this video is. Since I was a kid, random people have harassed me and I always remember how awkward and embarassing it is.

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Person: Are you Jewish?

Liberal Guy: Fuck no.

I'm surprised he doesn't get cancelled for that. He admits being Jewish is not a good thing.

And while harassing people in public is cringe, I can't blame the guy for having no other options. You can't ask those questions he's asking on Television. Or in School. Or in Politics. There's no other way of bringing awareness to this issue other then confronting it in public.

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the person calling them out in the video ends up being the most calm

No, he comes across as a cringe degenerate and the black guy actually comes across calm and respectable. Apparently these guys stage stunts like this a lot like harassing Jews in public and telling them to go back to Israel. Representing "far right" like this is very beneficial to the Left.

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Conservatives always talk about old fashioned values, but back in the old days if you harassed a stranger there was a good chance you would get your ass beat.

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but back in the old days if you harassed a stranger there was a good chance you would get your ass beat.

Edit: Actually you're completely wrong. The old days confronted race mixing by getting in your face.

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Yes, and it is white America advocacy being represented like this which is what helped Leftist "racial justice" narratives win.

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They never won. Even when all those people seen in the pictures disappeared, Activists still claim "racism exists". They have only gotten more aggressive since.

All the BLM rioting in the past decade should have taught you this. In fact, they get away with riots because they have no one to counter them.

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It’s called fighting words, and you are right. And interaction like this challenges or spits on a man’s pride. And you can certainly expect to be pinched for that.

Like, this is something you would say, expecting to provoke a fight. It would be seen as an act of aggression equal to hitting a man or attempting to strike a man.