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How do blacks burning down buildings and looting stores help whatever their cause is supposed to be? How do obnoxious feminazis help achieve "gender equality"? How does blowing up people and buildings help gain converts to islam?

Just like anyone else, we can't police everyone that holds our views or views adjacent to ours, and we cant stop the Jewish media from highlighting bad actors and making a spectacle of them. Why dont you reach out to this Minadeo guy (I have never heard of this person) and tell him how you feel?

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Most activists have personality disorders, on the left, on the right, even on the politically neutral causes.

They really are the worst people.

But they make a lot of noise and have no shame so they are useful to someone

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Jonathan Greenblatt could, in fact, do so. It is a simple, objective statement. Why should it be illegal to say things that are hilarious? And why should it be illegal throughout Europe to ask for evidence of Holocaust claims?

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Except he isn't asking for evidence of the holocaust, he's just going to a site and basically wishing that it did happen.Also, i don't believe this is hilarious even if you don't believe it because like i said it doesn't help your cause at all.If he really wanted to get the word out, he'd drop the"I hate jews,and holocaust is a hoax"because most normies aren't going to actually side with you.He'd focus on rallying people by pointing out the decline of america and convince whites to be more prideful.

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GDL glows. What am I supposed to do about it?

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These are the same people who who confronted the black/white couple in the other video. Jews love to see white advocacy presented like this.