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He wasn't, that's why many people here stopped supporting him, and why a decent chunk never supported him in the first place.

Unfortunately, NeoCons are the only even vaguely "right wing" faction allowed in ZOG politics, and even they are being pushed out in favor of """conservative""" parties like in Canada or Britain that are farther left than most democrats socially and philosophically.

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Both were total zogbots. The primary difference was Trump had a loose tongue and would say things that upset and occasionally enrage ZOG. Trump also claimed to be against mass third world immigration, which is pretty much the single most important thing to Jewish power. Bush openly supported mass immigration, so that was another huge difference.

In terms of destructiveness and service to ZOG, Bush was probably the single most destructive ZOG slave in history(Biden is giving him a run for his money). The list of things he did to increase ZOG's power and wealth and serve the interests of Israel is so long I could write a book about it. Some are well known, and others are much more obscure but just as instrumental in the establishment of the Jewish monopoly on power and communications we now have to live with.

Trump was nowhere near as destructive, and in some ways was useful in getting Jews to go masks off and reveal their power level. The Trump years are what red pilled me and millions of other people on Jewish power, and for that we should all be greatful. He may have even unwittingly saved western civilization by causing the Jewish elites to overreact to such an extent that it warned people off their true nature. Time will tell.

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The Alt-Right generally supported Trump at first but then jumped ship around 2018 when it was clear he was just another Neocon buttgoy. You should ask this question to like or something, no one here is willing to defend Trump

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He cancelled the TPP. AKA the Trans Pacific Partnership, which was a super NAFTA economic treason treaty.

He doesn't get enough credit for this one.

This temporarily scuttled the T-TIP, which was/is the Atlantic version of economic treason.

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Why capitalize white? It isn't a race

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Ermmm, how isn’t it?

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Trump didnt start any wars. He let russia deal with the terrorists of the middle east and that war ended quickly once america stepped out of the way. Trump obviously didnt hate free speech he was removed from twitter because of his speech and helped start his own platform that might suck ass, but its still a free speech platform. He would not have started wars with either russia or china. He would have dealt with them economically because he's a business man. He would have sanctioned them or re worked deals. He wouldnt have started a war with iran because he refused to deal with them at all and ended the deals with them. He brought peace with the abraham accords. Did bush bring peace to anything? He tried to make some peace with North Korea. Did a bush ever bring peace? Talk out your other asshole now. Lets see what other bullshit you have to say.

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Trump obviously didn't hate free speech

He let companies like Twitter openly censor his supporters for years, without taking a single action to prevent it. He was fine with the censorship of pro-White, pro Christian & pro-American citizens. He was fine with the cancelling of their bank accounts, jobs & livelihoods for the crime of speaking truth...

Any person who claims to be ‘right wing’ or a nationalist who still has sympathy for Trump needs to re-examine what they stand for because he did nothing but harm you. American Nationalists are in the weakest position they’ve ever been in thanks to him.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked him too in 2016. Unfortunately he kept practically none of the promises he made back then.

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The only real verifiable good thing Trump did was stack SCOTUS with "conservative" judges. But any Republican Pres would likely have done the same.