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Justice for what? The kid stealing their car and then proceeding to shoot the owner?

They're basically saying that a 12 year old should shoot to kill when the owner of the stolen car tries to get it back, are they mentally deficient or what? What kind of moron do you have to be? The owner had every right to be worried about his life and his property, so he retaliated.

I understand MOURNING the death of your child, but these are horrendous excuses, the only justice that should be served is for bad parenting, NIGS GONNA NOG.

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Good riddance, this guy took out the trash.

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White people should get away from black peoples.

Also, fuck this kid.

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Good advice, and yes, justice served.

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Can you stop saying Nigger so much? This is why no one takes you seriously because you are a racist prick with an agenda. Yes the car owner did the right thing, but a family is going to grieve their family member when they are that young. It is just a shitty situation.

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    Being a rapist has nothing to do with your race, there are lots of white rapists that get away with it because of their wealth. The Russian Army is raping women. The vast majority of serial killers are White.

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      Thats your opinion.

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      No, it's not an opinion.

      According to Radford University: "just 51.7 percent of all serial killers in America since 1900 have been white. Roughly 40 percent were black. The numbers have become more lopsided in recent decades. In the first half of this decade, 60 percent of serial killers were black, while only 30 percent were white. Blacks have been the outright majority of serial killers since 1990."

      Also, blacks are far more likely on a per capita basis to commit rape. Rape is correlated with diversity.

      Can I ask why you believed that Whites are the majority of serial killers?

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      And of course the coward doesn’t respond... Leftists when confronted with evidence will always either shut up or ignore it & call you racist.

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      All your sources are shit, the first is an white supremists group. The second is a blog, and the 3rd is from Voat who are racist fucks.

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      But they're not wrong. I just skimmed the blog post which you called "shit", and he's citing the cdc, fbi and bureau of justice, like what are your sources? If anything those sources are leftists and antiwhite.

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      Ok. Clearly you don't understand how sourcing works. Those websites aren't the original sources. They are sourcing the information from data and studies like the study by Radford and the FBI UCR and the NCVS. Im sure you don't know what any of those things are. God damn you are stupid. Do you understand logical fallacies and basic argumentation?

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      No, and he's probably jewish or nonwhite. Why else would he be a liar for other races instead of defending the truth?

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      The vast majority of serial killers are White.

      According to stats from the FBI, white people represent around 58 percent of serial killers, compared with 76 percent of the nation’s population.

      So whites aren't even the majority much less the vast majority.

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      you are a racist prick with an agenda.


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      Can you stop saying Nigger so much?


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      but a family is going to grieve their family member when they are that young.

      They are doing more than just grieving. They are protesting the decision not to prosecute the car owner and demanding that he be charged with manslaughter.

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      It has everything to do with race: it isn't the fault of 'racists' that you're too stupid to comprehend even the very simplest of patterns.

      I like to remind the likes of you that we are vastly more intelligent than you: for instance, the IQ of the average Nuremberg defendant was 128, that is, vastly higher than that of the average pea-brained American, Jew, East Asian, and much higher still than that of the average negroid. Indeed, the lowest result amoungst the defendants was 106: still on par with East Asians and more intelligent than you Americans, whose average IQ has been most recently reported as being a lowly 97. You and anyone who sympathizes with you is thus in the company of your intellectual (and moral) superiors here. Unfortunately, for the inferior peoples of the world such as yourself, your superiors will always be attracted to the 'Far-Right' and not to your worldview.

      Next, Russia isn't even remotely analogous to America: they're in a war against existential threats like you whose inferior way of life, if allowed to continue encroaching on their country, shall destroy theirs. Negroids, however, are not seriously threatened by anybody (indeed, they do all the threatening in contemporary America) and are doing this even in supposed times of 'peace'.

      I also like to remind you people that American soldiers in war-torn Iraq were statistically safer than Americans living in Detroit and several other American cities which all share a certain... demographic commonality.

      Finally, take your Russophobic negrophilic drivel somewhere else, unintelligent loser.

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      Wow you are such a faggot for sucking Putin's dick. First off the Ukrainians don't want that tryant dictator as their president. Even the Russians living there who initially were for the invasion, want them to leave. His soldiers are rapists. Second IQ doesn't mean shit from way back then when there was less knowledge to test on. I am glad some justice was done to the Nazis with the trials, maybe NATO can do the same for Putin and his leadership.

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      Huh? IQ is the most evidenced concept in all of psychology. Intelligence and knowledge aren't really the same thing. You're such an ignorant person. At least have some basic knowledge about psychometrics before talking put of your ass.

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      No surprise. They have little personal responsibility. This always happens.

      I read a similar story with a Mexican teen. The Mexican teen stole a car and was about to crash it into a cop. The cop shot the kid in the head and killed him.

      No surprise that they entire ghetto protested that the cops were wrong and the teen thug was innocent.

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      If it were me, I would bill the family for cops pay, vehicle cost and disposing of the carcass.

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      Can someone mutate these nigger back to their primate ape state