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I remember that subreddit. They are almost all traditional classical liberals aka liberals. They care more about free markets and higher GDP per capita than race.

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The conservative political establishment is half of the kosher sandwich. They are controlled opposition, meant to corral populists away from meaningful advocacy while serving as the bad cop in policies that increase Jewish power and wealth but which Democrats (for pure optics reasons) dont want to be publicly associated with(although that is gradually changing, as dems have increasingly embraced neocon foreign and domestic policy goals).

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Conservatives lose because they can never take account of their faults just blame it on everyone else. Let hormone disrupting chemicals and pesticides in the environment causing trans people? - no they are freaks that are pretending to be women so they can prey on them!

Push the drug war in the 1970's onward enriching cartels to the point they have control over Mexico like the Italian Mob had control of New York City from the 20's to the early 60's and disenfranchising everyone who got convicted of a drug crime causing massive poverty and ruination of communities? No, drugs are bad and you should go to prison if you do them!

Do nothing about the rampant sexual abuse by their pastors,priests, and ministers in the Christian community and the grifters like Donald Trump, Oral Roberts and all his disciples like Joel Osteen and Kenneth Copeland, or Mike Huckabee? NO, it is the liberals who are godless!

Maybe if you stopped putting self serving charlatans as your politicians and did something about the pieces of shit in your churches people would take you seriously. Put you don't when you have the perputual liberal strawman to drop it on.

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You're just a liberal bitching about conservatives. You're simply the other half of the system. You're no better. You deny reality just as vociferously as conservatives.

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Looks like a bait post to make sure the sub is full of (((approved))) conservatives. Reddit is a dystopian bukkake of censorship and thought control. The mods are compromised or self censoring. If they don't play ball they are removed or the whole sub is shut down. Conservationism has been culled and cultivated since it's birth and you're just seeing a modern digital version of it on display.