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They are happy. Wisely, they know this war will lead to Europeans dying on both sides. If we could have seen into a Synagogue celebration in the early 40's we would have seen Swastikas next to french, British, American and Soviet flags. Imagine their joy in 1916 at the first battle of the Somme.

These inbred stinky yids aren't the planners though. The planners are their central banking cousins and their extensive network of blackmail fronts and 'think tanks' focused on new exciting ways to mold and harvest us.

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Zionists want to be seen as neutral for reasons of self preservation in case things go nuclear, and because they don't want to burn bridges with ordinary Russians in the event they manage to oust Putin and attempt to regain power in Russia. This is their lame attempt at saying see we were always neutral in all this, it's those dirty anglos that hate you. Plus the neocon war in Ukraine isnt going very well and they are probably hedging their bets a little bit in case Putin prevails.

Behind the scenes though, their elite are central in pushing western intervention in the Ukraine war in an increasingly failed and disasterous attempt to get rid of Putin. Also, there is probably still a small segment of dumbshit Jew NPCs who will always associate Russia with anti fascism in ww2, and will support them to an extent out of sentimentality.