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    The reasons to oppose mass migration has nothing to do with justifiability. It's about preserving race and culture, as well as avoiding future conflicts.

    Palestine is the perfect example of this. Jews immigrate there everyday, while Palestinians have their homes ripped away to make room for them. Yet the only group benefitting from this relation are the Jewish immigrants, not the Natives.

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    You say that like "seizing power" is just something you can do. Arguments like this are one of the roadblock for nationalists to taking power. Having a counter against it is important and other arguments anti White's use is important.

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    Yeah it doesn't make sense. The people that stayed in Ireland or Poland didn't immigrate (unless they moved back).

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    Ask them when Israel is going to start accepting mass non Jewish immigration? That's literally all you have to do. They will of course delete your comment and ban you, but there is really no need for any other argument. The Polish and Irish are seen as potential symbols of European resistance to mass immigration and that is why they are endlessly pressuring them to accept demographic replacement. I dont even need to say who they are.

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    That sub is pro Palestine and anti Israel, most leftist subs are.

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    Go ahead and ask why Israel isnt accepting mass non Jewish immigration and see how fast you get banned. I dont doubt an Irish themed lefty sub is full of people who dislike Israeli behavior, but it's the hand picked mods and admin that decide what people can and can't say, and an army of reddit sanctioned shills who largely decide what gets upvoted and downvoted.

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    As someone from Denmark, a country where lots of poles mass immigrated, I fully support the polish desire to not wanting to have mass immigration. It is fully justified. The people of Denmark support Poland!

    Poles also mostly immigrated to white countries, them themselves being white. Brown people moving to other brown countries would be a similar situation, but brown people moving into white Poland isn't the same situation at all. It is simply not comparable.

    The brown people ought to move to Israel. In fact, Israel is the perfect example of a multiethnic nation for all the world to see. We have the black Ethiopian jews, the brown sephardic jews and the quasi-white ashkenazi jews, Israel itself being in Asia. It is a country for all continents of the world. Let the world refugees flow to Israel.

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    Another one I heard is that "because of their dealings with nations that were colonial empires, they (financially) benefitted from colonization and therefore they too devserve immigrants"