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I range from apathetic to hostile. I wouldn't mind seeing Putin's troops in Berlin. Western Europe is so out of control.

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Should White Americans care about Ukraine?

No. Foreign intervention has always made life worse in the U.S and the world.

If anything, America needs to be isolationist again.

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To the extent people should care about it, it's that Ukraine is ruled by an ultra corrupt Jewish oligarchy and backed by the same people who hate and fear white Americans and what to suppress any white advocacy or preservation of European societies. Ukraine is a proxy war waged by the neocons/libs(they are essentially the same now) in an effort at regime change in Russia. Powerful Jews want Putin gone because they want to regain control of Russia and are angry about Putin supporting Syria, Iran, and fomenting nationalist sentiment and a rejection of neoliberal values.

Putin isn't openly anti-semitic, but he also doesnt allow Jews to completely monopolize power and dictate the terms of his presidency like they do to western leaders, and that's enough to bring down their wrath.

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If they want to, sure. I don't think there is much point in getting invested into a NATO-Russia conflict given the current political circumstances, however.

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They should care insomuch as it's a perfect case study of how much money we're willing to spend on other countries besides our own.