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Red meat is not unhealthy at all, processed meat is.

Red meat is the easiest way to get all the nutrients you need in one meal. And those nutrients are far easier to absorb than from plants.

America is not obese due to red meat but because of adding sugar to everything even foods no other country adds sugar to like bread and pastry. This is why they also have higher diabetes rates even than countries with similar rates of obesity.

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Look up about topsoil, how cattle/animals regenerate the soil, and how monocropping ruins the soil.

The problem is that we're not living in harmony with the environment. We literally have an economy built on the broken window fallacy.

Check out Savory and soil regeneration. They use

Silvopasture is particularly interesting. These kind of agricultural techniques run counter to the industrial ag system that's currently in place.

If you want to have high quality people, you need high quality nutrients, i.e. not vegetarian.

Vegetable proteins have shitty bioavailability and poor nutrients scores. It's literally better to feed animals these kinds of foods as they turn it into something edible of higher quality.

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    I don't have an exact answer to that but let's say it does. It is a fact that it creates a product of incomparable nutritional quality when it comes to protein. Just look up bioavailability and nutritional data comparing animal vs. vegetable protein.

    That being said, animal farming doesn't have to take up any resources that aren't renewable.

    It's nonsense that it's inherently unsustainable and that critique is more applicable to industrial agriculture, which vegetable proteins will also demand.

    You have to try and make it as apples-to-apples as possible for a proper comparison, i.e. land yields, energy input, nutrition quality, etc.

    We'd be all healthier if silage was fed to farm animals instead of humans.

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    When I was younger I use to try those plant-based meat alternatives like veggie hot dogs and they always sucked. Lol.

    That said I wouldn't actually complain if we did live in a vegan world, especially if science eventually perfects making artificial meat without slaughtering animals.

    Could be something like Star Trek's Replicator. Generate any meat based dish out of thin air.

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    gluten and oils are some of the worst food you can eat. Both are pro inflammatory and gluten damages your intestines ability to absorb nutrients out of any type of food. Meat is good, processed meats with specifically sodium nitrate or nitrites as preservatives are bad because when heated they turn into a carcinogen