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Lmao, usually people here are saying Communism is a Jewish conspiracy, despite the fact that they are hyper-capitalist central bankers and usurers. Personally, I don't think just because two empires didn't like each other that one of them was necessarily 'the good guys' merely by virtue of opposing another evil, I think that is a false paradigm. World politics isn't always a Marvel movie where it's an epic battle of good vs evil, it is often just about power and national interest and completely orthogonal to some higher moral agenda, even though this might be the justification given to the peons

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Communism and capitalism are two sides of the same jewish coin.

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What does the Soviet Union, China, Britain and the USA all have in common?

They all teamed up against Rhodesia and Apartheid South Africa.

There's even a great cartoon illustrating the hypocrisy.

Just proof the Cold War was never about ideology. It was about destroying self-determination.

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Both were terrible.

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Since you didn't reply to any of the comments I'm going to consider this another troll thread. Keep it up and you'll receive a month long ban.

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The Soviet Union got more based once Stalin got rid of all the Jewish bolsheviks, thats for sure. Communism is still pretty awful

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I guess I'm still not old enough. I thought communism was super jewish. The soviets defeated Hitler on the eastern front, liberated the jews, then went on to support the establishment of Israel.

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Stalins story is not as black and white as I originally thought. For whatever other crimes he was guilty of (and there were really too many to name them all), Stalin was a true believer in Communism. When he saw that Jews like Trotsky were trying to use Communism as a platform to benefit Jews, this made Stalin very suspicious and angry. He quietly went to work on removing the Jews from their position of power within the Soviet Union. He had Trotsky banished and later executed, and initiated the purges that killed off alot of Jews (like Yagoda).

I was also surprised to learn that after the fall of Berlin, Stalin reigned in the Jewish elements who were trying to get revenge on the German people. He downplayed the Holocaust because it made the Jews seem like the main victims, instead of the Soviet people who suffered so many deaths in the war. While Stalin did lend his support for the creation of Israel, that was with the expectation that they would become an ally of the Soviets. When they instead became an ally of the United States, he did an about-face and supported the Arabs.

Communism was an ideology that sounded good on paper but worked very badly in practise. Any countrys that adopted it suffered from severe economic mismanagement that left much of the population living on the edge of poverty. Soviet Russia in the postwar era was prosperous only in comparison to the rest of the eastern Communist bloc: Its GDP per capita didn't hold a candle to any western Capitalist state.

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While I oppose American Cold War FP, I don't believe the Soviets were the good guys.

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Communists are never the good guy, but solid troll bait gg

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Communism is a globalist ideology that can only function nationally. This is why it often has a "red fascist" character to it despite its corrupt ideology. For this reason Russia's cult of Soviet patriotism and idolatry of communism should be considered less of an issue than the Western conservatives patriotic idolatry of free markets and unregulated capitalism. They attach national patriotic concepts to a system that is inherently globalist and undermines nationalism.

Moreso, the issue with Leftism has nothing to do with economics. The cause against the Left should be considered more of a spiritual war than a conflict about economics. The left is the revolt of the lower human types not revolt of the lower class. For this reason it easily evolves into hatred of Europe and whiteness and through this spitefulness towards the West it is often embraced as a form of nationalism for non whites.

Socialism is in fact the only good thing about the Left, but Rightwing socialism is not hostile towards hierarchy but hostile to the form hierarchy takes under capitalism and the type of elites it creates.

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Being spiteful against the geopolitical "west" is a good thing, actually

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Not when it is based off slave morality. They hate the West for its "racism" "imperialism" and all of its success.