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If currencies go digital, there will either have to be black markets or exchanges created that allow you to circumvent any restrictions on what said currency is allowed to be spent on.

Basically all of your purchases will be surveilled and dissidents will be targeted for exceeding a threshold or possibly more likely, post hoc excuses of public safety or whatever will be used to justify targeting dissidents.

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time to start accumulating monero before it ends up only being obtainable through drug deals

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Trading/bartering will always exist in some form. There will always be some form of fiat currency that can be used, even if it won't ever be as convenient/widespread as whatever the Fed tries to implement in the future.

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Most transactions are done digitally already. It's like complaining about people being microchipped and tracked. Almost everyone already carries around a phone everywhere they go. Making all currency digital would pretty much be a formality and would only really effect the black market.

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I guess I wasn't being clear. I mean a digital currency that is clearly manipulative in nature; i.e. it's not just a digital leger of your funds but an entire system that prevents you from accumulating wealth or easily moving around large sums for private sales. Examples: a system that blocks you from gun purchases, a system that rewards LGBT/diversity groups, a system that targets small business and aids corporate umbrella corps, a system that punishes you for political dissent or not taking a mandated 'vaccine'.

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All of the infrastructure is already in place. They already do those things sometimes it's just not socially acceptable to do it en masse but it will be soon if they have their way.

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If they do it en masse they'll force millions to have to rob and kill to feed themselves, it would be a very dangerous mistake for the System and too good to be true for any dissident cause

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Digital currency is likely inevitable. Paper money will go away and the elites will tighten the jewish grasp on the masses. In the future, dissidents will have their money turned off.

People often suggest you can barter your way around this, but it wont be that simple. For example, the pharmacy and water company won't accept your gold coins or cigarettes for payment. When we are digitally blacklisted, we will probably have to rely on friends and family to pay for certain items. The elites want a technologically enforced police state.

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For example, the pharmacy and water company won't accept your gold coins or cigarettes for payment.

I'm on a well and in my rural area we have several vets nearby that have access to essential medicine. The modern medical establishment is more likely to kill you or get you addicted to something you don't need instead of heal you anyway. It's a blessing to be locked out of that system.

I get your point though that this will dissuade a LOT of people from becoming dissidents. I really don't think society is going to make it that far. If they start cutting dissidents off from water I doubt the country stays stable for very long.

we will probably have to rely on friends and family to pay for certain items. The elites want a technologically enforced police state.

I think there are more dissidents than you think. If we were .01% of the population we wouldn't be a problem for them. I think they learned through the failed vaccine initiative that there are potentially more problem goys than they previously calculated. I'd say 10-20%% of the country is a dissident and 20% of those won't be influence by extreme measures like cutting off water. If we had more access to mainstream media we'd realize there are more of us.

Even more importantly there are several regions of the United States that people who think like us (or COULD very easily start thinking like us) dominate. Flipping those areas when things destabilize will be critical. We already have many sheriffs willing to defy the zogged fed government with stupid unconstitutional gun restrictions.

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I really don't think society is going to make it that far.

The united states is a few bad happenings from becoming a failed state. This might be on purpose. The elites want a hemispheric superstate. I'm guessing they want a new allied economic zone that runs from brazil to canada.

I predict they will use war, economic collapse, and "pandemics" to bring us to heal. This new hemispheric superstate would probably have digital currency and large prison camps for dissidents who get caught bartering.

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If they blacklisted all dissidents wouldn't this force all of them to go underground and live full-time as vagabonds? Would probably be a significant pressure against System stability and I doubt they'd go that far to persecute them.

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If people are completely blacklisted from transactions en masse wouldn't this lead to a lot of people starting to live outside the law? Similar to TD with the gun raids blacklisting people and making them go underground.

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What do you think our response should be if the economy crashes and ZOG decides to implement a digital currency?

Look what happened to Canada when the Truckers tried to protest at the Capital? The government froze their bank accounts and ordered their GoFundMe page banned.

Anything digital is risky because it only takes a single mouse-click to turn it off.

At least real life currency like gold or even dollar bills can still be hoarded and kept safe somewhere like in a vault.

And as FreakyFalangist also said, you can resort to trading/bartering of goods. Ironically, I just subscribed to a Farming channel on youtube yesterday and he drops redpills about this stuff.

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the federal reserve has said they'd run cash in tandem with cbdcs for a while once they introduce it, I expect cash wouldn't be banned until a major false flag terror attack occurs.