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Richard spencer seems like such a fake intellectual. He's also really annoying to listen to.

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I have the video open in the background and it's not as annoying as you would expect.

It helps that both presenters aren't trying to talk over each other, and they actually listen to what the other guy says. They also touch upon talking points that could help with future debates.

For example, they talk about how during 9/11, America was 98% united and even die-hard Liberals were on board with going to war with any country they felt deserved it. But if another terror attack happened in 2023, Spencer replied that the U.S is too polarized for any such teamwork to happen again.

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    Was he really hailed as the alt right leader amongst alt right people? Or just the media?

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      He was never appealing to me. I liked althype, striker, jf, nick fuentes, etc back then. I can barely remember all the names anymore.

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      I think he still is in the eyes of outsiders. Some might not redeem him because of his past position, but his latest tweets about the Civil War have attracted some positive attention from his would-be enemies.

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      "Biden is the best president of my lifetime"

      Damn, I haven't followed him since the early Trump era, I thought all that stuff on 4chan about him cucking hard were exaggerations or memes.

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      People still watch Spencuck?

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      I am only part way through atm. I don't know how anyone can take Spencer seriously when he praises Joe Biden as if Biden himself is responsible for anything being done. For all the shit he gets today admittedly I still have a nostalgia for the days of blood sports and watching him do interviews and debates and stuff. It was a coming of age time that probably will never exist anymore. We watched people get racepilled in real time and explored topics never done on YT. Spencer peaked in his debate with Sargon and that debate actually holds up well today after I have gone past my libertarian priors (which during the time of that interview I still had and made me have reserves about the collectivism that Spencer advocated.) I wish to hold on to the image of Spencer owning Sargon and converting many libertarians over to WN with that debate, myself included. It's a shame to see what Spencer has become.