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They are too busy littering their reservations with cans of budweiser and fucking their sister. Seriously though, once again, you ask a question you already know the answer to. You already know how the oppression industrial complex works. China and Israel don't give these groups massive amounts of victim capital.

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Seriously though, once again, you ask a question you already know the answer to.

I wanted to give them the honest benefit of the doubt.

There have been times where Western Authorities have violated their land even up into recent times (a big one happened in Canada in the 1990s, where a golf course was being pushed next to their territory) so if they were legitimately being cheated out of independence then it's fair to want to change that.

There's also many Native groups and it might have been unfair to group them all together not knowing what their individual situation is like. It would be like looking at Europe and trying to compare the various occupations of Ireland, Ukraine, Gibraltar etc. Just because they're the same people genetically, might not mean the circumstances are still equal...

I'm not a hateful person, so I genuinely want the Native Americans to feel free if there was something getting in the way of that. But if there was not a single attempt on their end to separate then of course, I would find that news disappointing.

China and Israel don't give these groups massive amounts of victim capital.

In Israel's case, they are brutal dicks, but it's not true they don't also give them free stuff from time to time.

Of course, the Palestinians still prefer having nothing to do with Israel if given the choice.

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Not since the last wild tribes were subdued. They're zoo animals now.

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That's very sad news, tbh.

Every race deserves a dignified life.

What these Native Indians also don't realize is that once White people are gone, their new "hosts" will be even less nice.

The Chinese or Hispanics could easily walk up to their reserves and grab them, without any fear of past guilt stopping them.

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idt whites will ever be depleted from elite ranks, just the working class

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There was an old Strike and Mike about the American Indian Federation but the Zencast is down. It was good but Striker said he'd write a full article on it. He still hasn't I don't think but someone might have the recording somewhere.

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Thanks for sharing those links. I'll have a look at them soon.

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