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It would be great if people would actually speak about who really promotes this trans BS.....

I mean, it's pretty fucking clear who is promoting it. The only question is why?

It’s obvious to me that it's right out of the Frankfurt school playbook, where breaking down western sexual morality is an intentional strategy. I mean several of their 20th century pseudo intellectuals explicitly talked about this kind of thing, and this trannie shit is just the ultimate example of this in action. These people never stop moving the overton window.

Whether Jews are legitimately more into this than others is hard to say for sure, but I'm going to go with it's just another example of them trying to play stupid head games because some of their charlatan Frankfurt gurus called for this and they noticed the most violently militant antifa/censor happy types tend to be trannies.

Like a hundred other disasterous, manipulative failed Jewish ideologies and movements, it's all a bunch of snake oil bullshit that has no real basis in reality. But, thanks to their total media domination, wealth and lobbying power, we’re all being force fed this shit until it eventually backfires bad enough they decide it's no longer in their interests to push it.

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There are barely any trans in the US.

It's not the number of trans thats a problem, but rather the normalization movement along with their war on gender. Trannies are rare, but tranny propaganda is being shoved down my throat.

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Trannies themselves are a tiny minority; the social decay and destruction of basic and apparent facts is the worrying part. While (mainly White) children being groomed by pedophilic homosexuals into partaking in self-mutilation rituals is obviously a horrific evil, it's been going on behind the scenes for decades, and the rates of occurrence are not much higher now. The fact that it is socially accepted and celebrated is the far more disturbing part, and it forebodes far more disturbing degeneracy to come in the near future.

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Reposting my comment from your asksaidit post here for discussion:

As others have said, the bigger problem is how much it's being pushed. It's true statistically that there are still barely any Trans people in the US, however, that is likely to change. Next time you get to talk to a niece, nephew, etc. that is in Middle/High School, ask them how many of their colleagues identify as LGBT.

Of course this could be entirely anecdotal but in my experience asking this, the number of their classmates who they say identify as such is exponentially higher than my own experience in High School which was relatively recent.