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The Jewish obsession with Ukraine just keeps getting creepier. Sending Yellen and Garland to meet with Jewlinsky is just such a bizarre thing to do. Both occupy cabinet positions that are supposed to be concerned with domestic issues, and yet they cant help themselves. Always pushing their global agenda. Always politicizing everything. Always pushing war and more US meddling. That Yellen and Garfinkle are already seen as these jewish globalist caricatures just adds to the clownworld lunacy.

I think they understand the US is heading for collapse so they are increasingly obsessed with regime change in Russia. Controlling and parasitizing off Russia in a post american hegemony world is seen as vital to them, and Putin stands in the way of that.

The closer the US seems to get to collapse, the more desperate they seem to be to milk it for every last bit of world bullying and Jewish global agenda setting they can before it happens, even tho that only ends up accelerating the collapse.

I was talking to a semi based Asian friend recently. One of the few people i talk about this kind of shit to IRL. He thinks the kikes are just detached from reality at this point, and that they pretty much already lost when the internet came about, and all the fucked up, evil masks off shit they’ve been pulling since only digs their hole deeper. Censorship makes them feel better but only hides the steadily growing backlash from their view. Too many goys already know, and all this shit does is add to the number while proving them right. But they just cant help themselves. Jews gonna jew. They couldn't stop even if they wanted to. Their leaders are always going to be the most psychopathic risk taking among them, and they will never stop doubling down.

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What happened to nordstream? Did Joe Biden blow it up?

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Didn't you hear? The neocons had to drop the Russians did it line after Seymour Hersh spilled the beans, and now conveniently it's been leaked to their favored media outlets that "us intelligence"(which has no reason to lie amirite?) believes it was a ragtag "pro ukrainian" group that just magically pulled it off with no state backing or knowledge. Over 250 feet under under frigid ocean water in the middle of the baltic sea, and they now expect everyone to believe a bunch of ukrainian bubbas perfected the art of deep sea diving, located the exact location of the pipeline, rented a boat packed with explosives they somehow obtained, and dove under 250 feet of water, attaching this shit ton of explosives to the pipeline, somehow setting it off, and then escaping without being detected. And of course no evidence of any of this happening was provided because....reasons.

Trust us goys, when have we ever lied to you about what's happening in Ukraine?! Nothing to see here, case closed. You can stop blaming the US now bigots. Obviously anyone who would doubt such a totally plausible story has to be a Russian shill.

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This sounds more like a US Navy seal team mission or US black ops, not rogue ukranian, who doesnt even have a navy.

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Yeah, obviously. It was most likely what Seymour Hersh said happened, give or take some small details here or there. The funny thing is that Hersh's details reveal that this operation involved a fairly large number of people, so there is zero chance this could be covered up forever, and probably cant be covered up right now, hence Hersh was able to uncover it pretty much right away.

The nordstream operation will probably go down as the dumbest and most self destructive false flag in history.

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