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Muslims are only a step removed from kikes, hence why you keep shitting up this sub with shill posts.

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Very funny, they don't love all semites tho, certainly not the Syrians. Don't let the Jews trick you into conflating Semites with Jews. Jews are just one type of Semitic people, and the Jews are some of the most anti-Semitic people around, look what they do to the Semitic Palestinians

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... and jews are the least semitic so-called "semites" around. Their DNA comes mostly from the Ukraine.

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Anyone who holds any notion that merely identifying as a "Christian" has any real socio-political significance these days is a fool.

I can only speak as to my own denomination, which is riddled with problems both institutionally and in the last half century theologically, but the percentage of practicing Catholics who follow the five basic precepts of the faith to remain in good standing is abysmally low.

A gallup poll conducted in 2012 found that 82 percent of American Catholics believe that Birth Control is morally acceptable making them formal heretics if they are aware of the Church's teaching on the matter.

Another Pew Research study found that just 1/3 of American Catholics even believe in Transubstantiation

Why am I using the Catholic Church as an example? If the majority of American Catholics don't even hold to the well established teachings of Catholicism, the sky's the limit with the theological free for all that is Protestantism. Most Americans are frankly too individualistic to let even their own religious affiliation actually reflect in their beliefs or actions.

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Anyone who holds any notion that merely identifying as a "Christian" has any real socio-political significance these days is a fool.

When you live in Europe, where hate speech laws are a thing, then framing your opinions as "christian" and your political resistance as "religious resistance" , you shield yourself from a lot of legal trouble, and even better, leftists can be targeted by our hate speech laws if they start attacking christianity or the fact that I'm a christian stated negatively.
It also makes it hard for them to frame political resistance as "hateful" because then they're calling your religion hateful (or you can frame it as such) which is on the edge of allowable speech in public.

There is also nothing better than calling leftists hateful and to tell them to embrace love and use their pathetic language and speech patterns against them. They know that they're acting in bad faith when they use that kind of language but normies don't.

And honestly, the more I repeat that leftists are hateful, the more I believe it and the more morally justified do I feel in my own opinions.

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Of course. As I'm sure you're aware there are similar protections in the US under the 1st amendment. However, most that identify as Christian are not going to be using their protected religious status to fight for change and on the occasion Christians do, usually our constitution and laws regarding religious freedom are blatantly ignored.

A great example is the Covid vaccine mandate where thousands of Americans in both the private and public sector were not allowed to receive an exemption from the atrocious mandate even with a valid religious exemption. Christian bakers being forced to bake LGBT wedding cakes etc. Not to discount any of the few legal victories that do occur from time to time, just that most self-professed "Christians" are not the type to use their religion to fight for their spiritual wellbeing, let alone follow Christian moral teaching.

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You shall attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation and rest from servile labor.

Mass is literally made up, and the Bible rebukes Sabbath laws on a number of occasions in the New Testament. The original intent was to prevent bosses and masters from making their subordinates work 7 days a week, and this is spelled out even in the Old Testament. But of course the legalistic Jews had to turn it into some ritual so sacred that they stone you to death for as little as gathering sticks on Saturday.

You shall confess your sins at least once a year.

Why once a year? Why not once a day? Or once every 10 years? Or once every minute? Shouldn't this just be something you do when you realize you have something to admit?

You shall receive the sacrament of the Eucharist at least during the Easter season.

He said "Do this in remembrance of me." It's not some magic ritual or sacrament.

You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the Church.

More wrong Old Testament laws that are merely replaced with Roman holidays. And if we're going to put this emphasis on holidays, we should be celebrating Passover and the Jewish holidays, because at least the Bible said to celebrate those. It turns out that was wrong, but it's still more logical than celebrating random Roman holidays. Fasting means absolutely nothing if someone only fasts because another makes them.

You shall help to provide for the needs of the Church.

Not necessarily wrong, but since the Catholic church is an organization it easily becomes a den of robbers. And indeed the Vatican has been abusing tithes and scamming people and hoarding wealth for centuries.

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I'm glad I was able to elucidate some of the tenets of the faith to you; although that wasn't my point by linking them in my OC. My reason was to exemplify my point that:

"If the majority of American Catholics don't even hold to the well established teachings of Catholicism, the sky's the limit with the theological free for all that is Protestantism."

For the sake of discussion, I can address your well-trodden arguments against these basic requirements of the faith at a later time, even though this is s/debatealtright not s/debatetheology.

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Protestantism is probably more strict than Catholicism now. Radical "fundamentalist" ideas are becoming increasingly popular in reaction to the left.

Neither are flexible enough. Organized religion is almost always bad, just like government. The original Protestants were willing to tread in uncharted waters, but like everything else, after their time an orthodoxy formed around it.

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Radical "fundamentalist" ideas are becoming increasingly popular in reaction to the left.

Not denying this as it sounds correct, it's hard to quantify however due to the nature of Protestantism. Also as much as some might flock to more let's say "fire and brimstone" fundamentalists, a non insignificant number especially of the youth are flocking to traditional Catholicism or the Eastern Churches.

The original Protestants were willing to tread in uncharted waters, but like everything else, after their time an orthodoxy formed around it.

Perhaps this is my own bias, but the only thing that seems to unite Protestants is their status as being "not Catholic." There is such a wide range of views (moral/ideological) that fall under the catch all of "Protestant" it's almost impossible to ascertain any common belief system other than "Jesus & [my version] of the Bible is good" there is no orthodoxy as their common factor is their plurality.

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I think when most people hear Protestant nowadays they think fundamentalist. There are so few Christ-like Christians, everyone is either all fire and brimstone or a liberal who only labels themself as Christian.

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    I also love when people try to claim Christians are "based" because rebel flag waving racist rednecks in the South are "evangelicals". Those people might be nominally "evangelical" because that's the rural southern culture but none of them go to church. The actual serious practicing Christians are almost always the most fanatical race mixers around.

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    You have to go to church in order to be a Christian? I didn't know this. What I do know is that organized religions are easy to subvert and turn into shit.

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    Ironic coming from a natsoc.

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    The ideal of purity is always antithetical to subversion, what's ironic about this?

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    Nothing, he is just being a jew

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    Natsocs usually see much value in organized religion and power/cultural structures in general.

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    Your interpretation is skewed, the purity ideal can be manifest in any structure that is coherent with its purported founding principle. Those are the structures that are worthwhile. But any organized religion can be subverted, just like any other structure or organization, and that's where the line is drawn. In short: organized "Christianity" is most certainly not faithful to its founding principle. As such, it is impure and not worthy of approval.

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    Have you ever visited the South? I say this because the image pushed by Hollywood and TV is not realistic. They portray every Southerner as a racist, bigot, half-wit. It is propaganda.

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    Same with all rednecks actually. It isn't hard to see why: they live independently and don't rely on the state, and tend to be individualists and in favor of reducing government powers, and won't blindly buy into every part of the narrative. They're harder to control.

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    I am of multi-generational Redneck stock.

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    I also love when people try to claim Christians are "based" because rebel flag waving racist rednecks in the South are "evangelicals".

    But who actually claims they are "based"? I don't recall any serious dissidents saying this. They may be stupid, they may be gullible, and they may be the target of relentless Jewish hatred, subversion and manipulation, but no one actually says they are in any way based, red pilled, whatever you want to call it.

    Now a lot more people are actually Jew aware than we're led to believe, including a lot of Christians. It's mainly just boomers that give money to Israel and say shit like Israel is our greatest ally etc, but younger Christians, especially catholics, tend to be at least nominally aware of Jewish hostility and subversion.

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    Most younger Christians also seriously think Jesus was a sith lord or something. Might makes right, slay thy enemies, worship nature and evolution, flee from the spiritual realm, be as much as an asshole as you can about belonging to God, don't care or pray for others, wish destruction and hellfire upon everyone you hate, seek UNLIMITED POWWWEEEERRRRRR, and most importantly purge all the gays.

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    No, they don't. You have a bizarre distorted view because you're Jewish. The only thing you know about christians is what you've been fed in your Jewish bubble and what your limited mental capacity allowed you to glean from afar.

    But don't worry, even though your a total piece of shit Jesus still loves you lmao.

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    I said most younger Christians. And they are wrong, that is basically the total opposite of Christianity. I don't know where you got the idea that I'm Jewish.

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    You seem pretty kike from where I'm standing.

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    But it's not most younger christians, it's not even a substantial percentage of younger christians. I was a younger christian and I never saw any of that, and I was in a mainstream denomination, not some fringe group. I also encountered other denominations and the only group I ever encountered anything remotely like what you claim are a small group of southern baptist types who weren't really considered mainstream christians.

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    I can believe you never saw any of it. This has mostly exploded only within the last 2-3 years in reaction to leftist lawlessness.

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    I've never seen any of them be racist. People usually have confederate flags for southern pride or in support of states' rights, not to shit on black people.

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    Jews agree with you

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    remove yourself first

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      Allying with Muslims is actually based

      Also your link is dead

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      Your wish was granted in June 2020. By the puppet masters.

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      you know who calls for christian nationalism? people with funny ideas about christianty, who also tend to be racist fuckwits. just saying.

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        ACTUAL Christians are not cucks though. Yes, a lot of so-called "Christians" gravitate towards the star preachers, and those are all shit tier, spouting the most un-Christian bullshit as if it were the words of Christ himself. Sure, there is a lot of subversion against the world's #1 religion, which can give the impression that "Christians are cucks" but what you are stating when expressing that idea is that a lot of people raised in what is called "a Christian land" have nothing in common with Christianity.

        The acid test: Are they pissed at all the wrongness in the world while being loving to their fellows? If they don't qualify for this, THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. They're as Christian as that $5.00 Rolex you got from the flea market is a Rolex.

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        Why does every single dumbass like you use the term "racist fuckwit"? Do all you Jew puppets get sent to the same rhetoric class or what?

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        Why do racist fuckwits like you use the term jew puppets? Is it because you feel bad for not reversing the evil jewish influence on your own culture or what?

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        Funniest thing ever is evangelicals having a favorability rating for jews of +40, and jews having the reverse favorability rating of -39

        "I hate you with every fiber of my being"

        "ur my greatest ally!"

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        Christians are Gods chosen people. Jews are children of Satan.

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        Bring back Paganism.

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        I ask this in good faith. What's your view on the contemporary widespread popularity of Astrology among young women these days?

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        An attempt to fill their lives with meaning in the spiritually dead West.