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BAP is a cringe ziocon who is protected by and even promoted by Jewish power. Color me unimpressed.

Many many 'biological refuse' would need to cull themselves in order for a rebirth.

Yeah wtf does that even mean, that stupid people commit mass suicide?

Possibly the idea of youth venturing out to find new lands and challenges should be re-explored.

Once again, wtf does this even mean in practical terms? What new lands? Most youth don't even venture off their couch anymore. There's a ton of things people SHOULD do, but simply saying kids should do this or that means nothing and solves nothing.

This is just the usual BAP libertarian bloviating. It's an ideological dead end with no practical solutions on anything aside from embracing being an asshole using a colorblind libertarian form of eugenics. Have no loyalty towards your people, just embrace might makes right cull the "weak" bullshit and ignore the reality of rampant ethnic tribal lobbying that's leaving you demographically replaced and overtly discriminated against by those with money and power goy.

BAP is completely worthless at best. Harmless chest thumping controlled opposition.

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Calling him libertarian and color blind suggests you aren't very familiar him.

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Libertarian adjacent? I just read the article and I was definitely right about the bloviating part. To talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way. He's always just seemed like style over substance to me in my limited exposure to him. Was not the slightest bit surprised he went to Yale and is some Ivy league professor in some largely useless field.

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I'll add that I wouldn't be fundamentally opposed to a libertarian merit based society where the smartest and hardest working among us are given the most power and the lazy and most dysfunctional sometimes have to suffer the consequences of their behavior without always being bailed out by everybody else.

The problem is that we don't live in a merit based society. We live in a Jewish dominated oligarchy that deliberately opposes a merit based society on the grounds that it would threaten their monopoly and would give more power to whites who actually are the most productive, humane, cooperative and competent. Not all Jews would oppose such a society, most are probably just oblivious NPCs unaware that among them are a hate filled Jewish mafia that rule over the rest of us incompetently and with malice. Still, anyone who fails to acknowledge this mafia like Jewish behavior only serves to perpetuate it.

Also, the fact that black dysfunction is never blamed on black behavior doesn't mean that is always the case with all groups at all times and anyone who complains about oppression and discrimination is just a whiner. That blacks are the source of their own problems and Jews are a source of white problems are not mutually exclusive. Both can be true. This is a trap libertarians fall into.