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Why is Christianity acceptable to White Nationalists but Islam is not?

Are you completely ignorant of European history? Christianity became a widespread established religion when it spread throughout Europe, where many of its now well established traditions arose. By contrast, Europe's history with Islam is primarily one of conflict, with non European Muslims repeatedly attempting and failing to conquer Christian Europe.

This entire post is just you playing dumb about a history that everyone on planet earth who isn't literally retarded is well aware of.

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Ironically, its the Hindus still practicing a religion that actually has Aryan origins. A White Nationalist worshipping Semites clearly has brain damage

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But christians don't worship semites. They worship what they believe is a divine entity, god. Now they do believe that this divine entity briefly took the form of an iron age Aramaic speaking semitic man 2000 years plus ago, but that doesn't mean they worship semites anymore than Jews worship bushes or fire because they believe god once spoke to them as a burning bush.

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They worship a dead Jew on a cross. A Jew who revolted against one of the greatest European empires in history. A Jew who preaches the morality of a slave.

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There's a clear difference.

Christianity people are supposed to work out what the right thing to do is based on a nebulous concept of "love".

Islam on the other hand has strict rules for basically everything so people don't have to think, just obey. Islam means submission.

Just look have the lifestyle and success of Christian countries compared to Islamic ones. Why would any Christian country swap what they have for the alternative? Even many islamists don't want to live in Islamic States, they'd prefer to sit comfortably in the West bitching about it.

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Citation needed for a lot of what you say. But I think the main reason is that Europeans adopted Christian and made it their own. Islam was created by Arabs and is linked to their culture hence why it seems more barbaric. So white nationalists find Christianity acceptable because it has cultural links to White Europeans far more so than Islam. But you never know, opinions may shift to find Islam more acceptable in the future (But I hope not).

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I have no issue with Islam, I just don't want its typical adherents (non-white) in my country.

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Islamic societies are far more restrictive regarding personal freedoms than Christian ones. That's pretty simple explanation.

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Islam is pretty based. I'd love to topple Israel with some muzzie brothers.

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both consider "racism" a "sin"

No they don't.

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Back in the days before the internet. A friend of mine was on some KKK BBS. He posted the classic "Jesus was nothing but a kaffer loving Jew". People got really upset ;)

Then you have the whole. What do you call a dude with 12 boyfriends angle. On top of it. Straight men usually hang in groups of 2-6. The only reason you need to be 13 dudes. Is if you want to do a circle train.

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Both were founded by Semites, both derived from Judaism, both promote race mixing and globohomo, both consider "racism" a "sin", both are followed mostly by shitskins.

I don't care as much, because one of the few alternatives, paganism, is still gatekept. "No Nazis in Valhalla" they say.

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muh christianitt bad muh islum gud cuz joos

Gay D/C thread, 2/10. Won't even bother banning you for not participating in comments