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Refuting parasites like this doesn't accomplish anything. It doesn't convince any of the niggers or leftists or other human refuse that enjoy their content. All it does is masochistically open the window for said human refuse to attack, harass, and threaten you and anything/anyone you associate with, and the people that see the spectacle don't drift towards us in any significant capacity. The leftists learn that they can commit various criminal acts and bully the populace into submitting to their clown show, and 'undecided' or 'normie' viewers will learn that even if they agree with the (often objectively true) observations of those deemed "alt-right" then their lives will be ruined (or, in some particularly egregious cases of leftist terrorism, ended), and therefore become the sheepish populace referenced previously.

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I don't know how I would discuss alt-right politics with that video's audience, but those already initiated, dissecting content like OP posted helps anchor these beliefs and add confidence that, no matter what you stumble upon online, you have an answer. Yes, there has been plenty of rebuttals like Alt-Hype's work and normies that could be enlightened but I can't recant if it adds up enough.

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I'd start off by saying that Bo Burnham is a jewish liberal and not a white liberal.